Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Iran Declares War on The World

Since the doctored election in Iran, a few weeks ago many people have been asking what this means for the United States and our position that Iran should not have nuclear weapons. Well, I wish I have some good news but this article shows what a long and potentially dark road we have in front of us. Seems that in additional to being fingered as one of the student terrorists that stormed the American Embassy and held American citizens hostage for almost 450 days, and being directly responsible for the assassination of a Kurd leader in Vienna, this guy wants to spread his version of Islam to the rest of the planet.

He was recently quoted as saying, “We did not have a revolution in order to have democracy…..” Seems that this guy may have attended the Saddam Hussein school of Arab leadership. Iran already sponsors Hezbollah in Lebanon and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad as well as Hamas so this latest pledge to export the Iranian brand of Islamic insurgency can only mean bad things for the Western world. The question then becomes how much can we count on Britain and the European Union in efforts to curtail the nuclear ambitions of Iran? Tony Blair and Britain is a given but the French will be the first to try to buy off this latest tin-pot dictator from Tehran. Actually, a better question is whether or not the American people will have the stomach for a potential armed conflict with a much better equipped enemy then what we have faced in Iraq.

I am not sure what the answers are but since it appears that North Korea is finally willing to return to the table and discuss its nuclear program, we need to turn our attention to quickly dealing with the Iranian nuclear program. I am not in favor of any form of appeasement and I also doing what us running off to start another war. We need to finish the job we started in Iraq and we are succeeding much to the dismay of the Left and their propaganda arm, the MSM. The only thing that may speed up the process would be additional help from our allies in Europe or perhaps some of our supposed Arab allies such as Saudi Arabia and Egypt. That however is a request that the Iraqi government must make and hopefully will be made soon. Have a great day everyone.

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