Thursday, September 08, 2005

Blogburst: Death to the ACLU Part I

The ACLU is now trying to directly prevent the Border Patrol from doing their job through another frivolous lawsuit. I had the link saved and the news site has since taken it down for reason unknown but I did find a cached copy of the story through Google, you can find it here.

When over 70% off the illegal immigrants coming to this country are from Mexico and Latin America then it makes sense to look at non-English speaking Hispanics that are hanging around town. This is simple common sense. Let me give you an example of how one could profile and be 100% correct in their assumptions. Recently Hurricane Katrina laid waste to the city of New Orleans, which is about 60% African-American. People complained about the news coverage of looters after the storm had passed. Let me break it down for you, 100,000 people stayed behind and ignored the evacuation orders. Given the demographics cited above that would mean that 60,000 of the people who stayed behind would be African-American. Therefore, if the looting was limited to just 10% of the people left behind then out of that, 10,000 there would be 6,000 African-Americans. So why are people shocked when the television shows more African-Americans then other races?

It is a simply numbers and that is most certainly the case along the Southern Border of the United States. Most of the people who cross illegally into the United States come from Spanish-speaking nations and that absolutely should be used as a tool by law enforcement. There is nothing racist about that it is just numbers folks. Maybe the ACLU needs a refresher course in math with a concentration on percentages.

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