Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Live Blogging Cspan

I am watching CSpan on my lunch. Yes I know I could be doing quite a few other things. I wanted to hear the Democrats scream and holler about the House hearings on the Katrina response.

The Players

Rep. Bennie Thompson
Rep. Louise Slaughter
Another unidentified Rep.

They are giving a news conference after the testimony by former FEMA head Brown. They filed a petition to get an independent inquiry in to the federal response to Hurricane Katrina.

Not much to say about the whole Q&A section they are currently in. They are bitching about how that Bush Administration can not be trusted to investigate it's own people. Rep. Thompson is telling the reporters and the audience that is the single great duty of Congress. The duty to investigate the current administration.

The interesting part about those comments to me is the simple fact that while he is complaining about the funding levels for the Army Corp of Engineers and FEMA, the fact remains that this Congress has never voted down a budget submitted to them by the White House. In fact, just about every budget of President Bush's has passed with very little modification. So I ask Rep. Thompson, are willing to investigate how you and other members of Congress failed to provide enough funding for FEMA and the Army Corp of Engineers.

Ok, now we have Rep. Slaughter talking about the American people deserve a 9/11 style investigation because the 9/11 commission was the greatest thing the Congress has ever done.

Did this women even read the report? How about all the information that has come out since the report was published but was not in the report? How about the omission of Able Danger from the report entirely? Some people should not speak in public without supervision much less be members of Congress.

Well, I am off to finish my work day. Have a good one everyone.

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