Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Iran Readies Suicide Bombers For Deployment

Iran is currently running a readiness exercise for their suicide bombers under the pretense that the United States will soon be turning its eye to Iran and planning an invasion. The interesting part of this article describing the Iranian efforts is what it does not say.

It does acknowledge that the suicide bombers are not a part of the government, but what it does not say is that some of these bombers will eventually see service in Iraq, Israel, or even Saudi Arabia. Iran has been exporting terrorism as a government policy for years and this report should not surprise anyone. In fact, it is possible that some of these suicide bombers might be "loaned" to al-Qaeda and possibly show up in the United States. It is a sad fact that we will face suicide bombers in the United States, not if but when.

The EU3 must grow some balls and take the lead in convincing Iran to abandon its nuclear ambition. The United States has made it's thoughts on this topic very clear and while we certainly face the most danger from a nuclear armed Iran there are many countries that would not benefit from the Mullahs of Iran have a nuclear button to push. They include Israel, Saudi Arabia, Russia, China, and all of Europe. I will begin reading Countdown to Crisis : The Coming Nuclear Showdown with Iran” by Kenneth R. Timmerman as soon as it arrives and it supposedly details the ties between al-Qaeda and Iran. Ponder that thought for a moment: Iran giving nuclear weapons to al-Qaeda or Hamas.

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