Friday, September 09, 2005

WTF Friday Rant Volume 1 Issue 32

Holy Sh*t!!! It's Friday and the WTF Friday Rant is in full effect. Lots of nuttiness for all to enjoy this week so dig in and by all means leave a comment or two. I am so glad that football season has started and that hockey season is around the corner. As I said the WTF Friday Rant is a little long this week so let's get it started. Stay tuned for a special announcement on Monday or Tuesday next week as I have a little something in the works. Don't forget to donate to the Hurricane Katrina victims either through the Red Cross banners on each side of this post or the charity of your choice. Please remember everyone on the gulf coast in your prayers. Enjoy the links everyone and have a great weekend.

P.S. There is quite a bit of sh*t in this weeks WTF Friday Rant so you be careful where you step. Just warning you, that’s all. GO BLUE!!! Beat Notre Dame!!!

Everyone needs to read this article about How the Left has f*cked our national security. It lays out in very clear terms how they have been chipping away at our national security for years.

The wonderful folks over at al-Qaeda have a great Ramadan season played for everyone in Europe and the United States. The MSM calls it "must experience terrorism". Look for the DVD from al-Jazeera in time for the holiday season.

US forces captures 200 terrorists in town known for foreign fighters. Syria bitches, Democrats cry, and Iraqis rejoice. This was actually reported in the MSM as a success but buried between Katrina updates so America has no idea that it happen.

Michigan law takes away surrender requirement to defending home and health against intruders. Homeowners call now kill criminals without fear of prosecution. That's great; they are catching up to the rest of the civilized world including Arizona.

Al-Qaeda makes a move for Afghanistan. Wrong move if you ask me, they will just get their ass kicked like before. Bring it on Mullah Omar!!!

Iran tries to bully the EU-3 over their nuclear program. Seems they are itching for a fight with the United States. The EU-3 need to step up and stop waiting to the US to ride to the rescue and just get the job done. My advice to Iran: be careful what you ask for.

Ocala homeowners association says evacuees are not welcome. This is just as disgusting behavior as the Democrats blaming the President for Hurricane Katrina. The members of the homeowner’s association board should be ashamed of themselves.

Democrats' anti-Bush petition also seeks political contributions. Seems Chucky Schumer put up a petition to fire the current head of FEMA, Michael Brown, and then asked signers for a contribution to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. Of course when he was busted the story changed to that they were collecting donations for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Well Chucky old boy, you are the jackass of the week.

Good Ole Boy Ray Nagin tells WWL Radio that school buses are not good enough for his citizens and that’s why he did not use them. What a load of sh*t!!! This is just another example of the lazy corrupt politician that has sat in the Mayor’s seat in New Orleans for the last 50 years. He did not even follow the agreed upon plan for evacuation and then cries to the feds about how he needs buses. I can’t even comprehend how this guy was elected in the first place. He was a close second to Chucky Schumer for jackass of the week.

Staying on that topic of incompetent elected Democrats, get a load of this story about how much Governor Blanco and Mayor Nagin hate each other. Perhaps it should have been titled “When Democrats Attack Each Other!” If only the people of Louisiana had decent representatives then maybe so many people would not have died. Yes, you read that right. I am squarely laying the blame at the feet of Major Ray Nagin and Governor Kathleen Blanco. Not because they are Democrats, but because they have not an ounce of leadership in their entire bodies and people died. If you want to play the blame game, bring it on because I have the facts to back up my opinion. Try these facts on for size and here as well.

I just about fell out of my seat when I saw this. Michael Moore is looking to make another fistful of dollars off of the suffering of someone else. Unfreaking believable!!! I am really just speechless about this sad sack of sh*t and his ability to make money off of tragedy.

Ok, last piece of Katrina related news and then on to other news topics that caught my eye. Seems that the Secret Service might want to have a conversation with Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu about her threat to punch the President. Just a bit of background on Senator Landrieu, her family has dominated Louisiana politics for half a century and just about every member of her family is just as incompetent and possibly corrupt as her. She is a moron and should look at her own governor and mayor of New Orleans before trying to cast blame elsewhere.

Berger to pay $50,000 for taking classified material avoids jail time. What a crock of sh*t. The judge missed out on doing a great service to the citizens of this country, he did not make Berger, under oath, testify as to what was contained in the documents that he stole and destroyed. Could it be that he took documents detailing the information that Able Danger tried to pass to the FBI? Could it be some other information about OBL and al-Qaeda that would embarrass Bill and Hillary Clinton? We will never know but one can suspect that whatever he stole and destroyed would have caused harm to Bill Clinton’s legacy and certainly put a damper on Hillary Clinton’s plans to run for president in 2008. Sandy Berger is a disgrace to this nation and certainly got off light for putting politics before the national security of the United States.

Americans Still Worry Over 9/11 reports new Zogby poll. Apparently almost 7 out of 10 (69%) of Americans still think about the attacks of 9/11 at least once a week. Well that seems reasonable but in my case I think about it everyday. I did not know any of the victims nor know anyone who tried to help in the aftermath but that day haunts me. I can not help but think of the thousands of lives that were forever changed on that day and frankly it brings me to tears. I will be writing of my own experiences from that day on Sunday as part of a remembrance that we are having over at The Wide Awakes and each of our member blogs, please stop by and share your memories of that day.

While we are on the topic of 9/11, please read this column by Jason Mattera over at He describes the weak excuses and outright censorship by institutions of higher learning in regards to the 9/11: Never Forget Project. The fact that universities and high schools are opposed to this simple remembrance does not bode well for the future of our educational system. I would be ashamed to be a student at any school that refused to participate.

The City of Orlando is getting in on the anti-American scene. They are citing a business owner for displaying multiple American flags on her office building during Independence Day, Memorial Day and September 11th. The business owner says it is her way to honor American military members since her father is a veteran who served in three wars. The Liberty Counsel, a religious-freedom law group has taken her case and has told the city that the way the sign ordinance is being applied in this case is simply unconstitutional. What the Hell is wrong with people in Florida? This is amazing given the number of veterans that live in that state.

Arafat may have died from AIDS. I don’t have much to say about this, AIDS is a terrible disease that continues to be underestimated by many. I would never wish it upon anyone including members of the Democrat leadership but in the case of Yasser Arafat, I might be willing to make an exception. Burn in Hell you terrorist bastard!

Border Agents fire upon illegals attacking them; civil rights lawyers sharpen their claws and drool in excitement. So according to the civil rights/immigration rights lawyers the border patrol is no longer allowed to defend themselves nor the sovereignty of the United States. Why are most lawyers such world-hating scumbags? The defense of this nation trumps any and all rights of illegal immigrants that violently attack members of the border patrol. These illegals have no case, end of story.

Richard Hatch gets nailed by the IRS. I actually read the either indictment and all I can say is that this guy is going to a special level of Hell for what he did. Here’s the short version of his deeds, he cheated on his taxes and did not report income. He also created a charitable organization run by his and used all the donations for his personal expenses. And last but not least, he created an S-Corporation in Delaware to shield some of his misdeeds. I never saw the first Survivor, I got hooked on the second season, but every time I have seen Hatch in something I always thought he was a wee bit shady. Like I said, he is going to a special level of Hell.

Are forensic TV shows helping criminals escape detection by the police? I don’t think so but one forensic scientist at Oxford University in the United Kingdom thinks so. Crooks are dumb by nature and how many actually watch television, very few because they are out robbing and stealing to take from the Beastie Boys.

Drunk woman dies in cemetery accident. So that is way there are no alcohol venders at funerals. Seems a shame really, I mean what good is an old fashioned Irish wake without lots and lots of booze. That’s all for now, have a great weekend everyone.

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