Thursday, September 01, 2005

Deep Thoughts with The Mad Tech

Sorry for the lack of posts and podcasts, I have been spending some time pondering some deep thoughts. I will most likely be returning to writing every day and podcasting every other day soon, like in the next couple of days.

Please pray for everyone along the Gulf Coast, they need every little bit of help we can send their way. In fact, I am looking into a couple scenarios that would allow me to go to New Orleans to help for a period of time.

Also on a more personal note, please send some good thoughts to a good friend of mine, Robert Brightwell. His daughter, Emily is going to need a heart transplant and was transferred to UCLA Medical Center yesterday. If you can help him out at all there is an Emily Brightwell Fund set up at Wells Fargo Bank. You just need to let the teller know that the money is for that fund, no account number needed. You can read his updates over here at his site. Thanks.

The Mad Tech

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