Thursday, September 08, 2005

Blogburst: Death to the ACLU Part III

Yes, we have reached the end of today's multi-part blogburst. This last part is best served by everyone reading the article I have linked to before reading my comments. So go ahead and read this and then come on back, I will be waiting. Everyone up to speed now? Good then let's get started on this latest example of how the ACLU works hand in hand with the Hate America crowd in the MSM.

Before the leftists hurt themselves rushing to type comments like "it's not unpatriotic to disagree" or "we don't march to your orders fascist", take a deep breath. Normal, civilized and rational opposition is a time-honored tradition in this country and many brave men and women have died protecting that right. The kind of rhetoric that comes from most of the anti-war, anti-Bush, or anti-America crowd is simply grade-school insults and slurs without any substance. There are many things that many people will disagree on and with that; disagreement comes a certain level of civility. Ok now that I have that out of the way, let us talk about the anti-America activities of the ACLU and their partners in the MSM.

The ACLU continues to push for the release of more photos and video from Iraqi prisoner abuse. Ask yourself who can possibly be served by the release of these photos and video? Is the release of this material going to make the government punish the offenders again or will they redo the corrections they have already made? The answer to the latter question is no and the answer to the former question is our enemies. The only people that could be served by the further release of these documents is our enemies who include al-Qaeda, Hamas and Iran among others. The result of our enemies getting additional propaganda will be increased attacks against our armed forces and interests around the world. One only has to look at the example of the fraudulent Newsweek article that detained Koran abuse as to what might happen.

Amazingly enough, the photos and video would also serve as additional propaganda for our very own MSM. They would certainly flood the airwaves with image after image of acts that occurred over two years ago while failing to mention that. The impression would be that these horrible acts are still happening rather then a sad chapter in our history that is thankfully in the past. If our MSM would not explain that the images are from the past and not present, could we reasonably expect that other news organizations in the world would? Al-Jazeera would love to discredit the “Great Satan” once more as they serve in the role of al-Qaeda’ disinformation arm.

The ACLU should be ashamed by their friend of the court brief that favored the release of the documents to the MSM. In my humble opinion, it borders on treason and thus should be treated as such by the government. That is exactly how it is viewed by many in the rest of the world, allies and enemies alike. The decision by the Washington Post to pull out of a simple, non-partisan, remembrance of the 9/11 victims is unacceptable and went largely unreported by it’s co-conspirators in the rest of the MSM. The reason given by the Washington Post? The event was deemed to be too political by some of its editors, not its readers. The entire existence of the Washington Post is too political, they serve as one of the many unofficial press arms of the left. Perhaps a quiet suggestion to pull out of the remembrance came from the ACLU? I am sure it’s only a matter of days before the ACLU sues the event organizers for violating the myth that is the separation of Church and State since I am sure the event will have some sort of religious tones if not outright participation from various religious leaders. When is this kind of behavior from the MSM and the ACLU going to be addressed? Will it take another false report by the MSM or just the ACLU winning the release of the photos and video to get Americans killed? How many must die so that the ACLU and the MSM can be satisfied in their quest to help our enemies?

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