Monday, September 12, 2005

The End of an Era

Folks the end of an era is upon us this day. I have left the oppressive corporate masters that forced me to write under a pen name. I will now blog under my given name with no fear of losing my job due to my political or social views.

I will not deliver a hateful parting post as I so crave to do. I will take the high road and not name names but just say that of the 40 people worked in my call center before it was moved to Dallas, I was the only one to stay with the company. Not because I was a "company man" but because I frankly needed to stay put for a spell and my insurance kicked ass. Why is it that often a shitty company will have great benefits? I think it is so that suckers like me will be more tolerant of the bullshit longer.

I leave behind a great group of people that I was proud to work with. I do strongly encourage them to seek employment elsewhere as soon as possible as the company that they work for is not only morally corrupt but also is being lead by idiots. More specifically, I would say that the account that you are working on guys will be lucky to exist in the next couple of months.

Enough of that negative crap today is a great day. I am moving on and for the better so everyone be happy. As I said earlier I will now write under my real name so without further ado, my name is Todd, nice to meet you. Stay awhile and enjoy the writing. Have a great evening everyone, tomorrow is a bright new day.

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