Thursday, September 08, 2005

Blogburst: Death to the ACLU Part II

The ACLU is continuing in its battle against the Boy Scouts of America, they recently got a leftist judge to rule on whether or not the Army could support the Boy Scout Jamboree in either time and material or monetarily. The judge made absolutely the wrong decision and banned the Department of Defense from sponsoring the event as he cited a 1999 decision that claimed the Boy Scouts violate the mythical separation of Church and State.

In fact in his ruling, the Judge made the following claim, “Manning said the plaintiffs had "shown irreparable injury that ... their constitutional rights as taxpayers are being violated." What possible harm could be done to the American taxpayer by supporting a group that encourages but does not require a belief in God, builds self-confidence, teaches from a moral background? How does that inflict injury upon Joe and Jane Taxpayer? Please enlighten me. The larger issue then the Boy Scouts is the continued efforts by the ACLU to define the mythical separation between Church and State. They use cases such as the ruling from 1999 and this recent decision to drive home that a separation exists. Their entire efforts smacks of the old adage that a lie told enough times becomes the truth.

The bottom line is that the Boy Scouts do not require a belief in God in order to be a member of the organization. I am speaking from first hand knowledge as I spent many years in the Boy Scouts myself and never observed that requirement in any of the scout functions I attended across this country. Common sense should have told the very first judge to hear this bullsh*t case and promptly dismissed it. The ACLU is strictly an anti-American group that with their targeting of the Boy Scouts is seeking to under mind another American institution.

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