Friday, September 16, 2005

WTF Friday Rant Volume 1 Issue 33

All I can say is bring on the weekend. I am ready for some football, college and pro, and the first race in the chase. It's been a long week it seems so today's WTF Friday Rant might be a little shorter then normal but I will make up for it with an extra dose of snarkyness. I am still in mourning after Michigan lost to the hated Notre Dame but that is life. On a brighter note, I did win my first week match up in my fantasy football league and stand ready to crush this week's opponent. Please don't forget to help with Hurricane Katrina relief if you can, just click on the Red Cross banners on either side of this post. Now on to the madness, enjoy this week's links and have a great weekend everyone.

Air America Hosts defends Farrakhan's claim of deliberate levy demolition
I am not surprised by Chuck D's refuse to refute Farrakhan's idea since he has always been all about pushing the racial divide, just listen to any of Public Enemy's music. I was however surprised by the response of Rachel Maddow since she is considered by many to be a reasonable leftie, not by me but by "many". I guess we can add one more title to Air America's business card, racist organization.

Iran's President declares that he will share his nuclear technology with other Arab nations

I know that this story broke yesterday but I was focused on the President's speech and other national events such as our Pledge of Allegiance being ruled unconstitutional. Of course this is just the kind of news that makes us all warm and fuzzy. As I have said before, the EU-3 need to step up or the United States will once again be forced to ride in and save the day. A nuclear Iran is bad enough but one that has pledged to openly share nuclear knowledge with other Arab nations is very scary, especially if they include Hamas and al-Qaeda in their group of "Arab nations". Am I the other one that is scared to death of an Iranian nuke being set off here in the states?

John Kerry shoots his mouth off again and is still an asshat
Johnny Boy released a statement that was critical of the President's speech and recovery proposals last night, in fact less then an hour after Bush was finished speaking. So he waits till now to speak his mind? Where the Hell was Kerry for the past two weeks while the President was signing funding for the Gulf Coast and visiting the damaged area? John was huddled up in his office trying to decide if he was against the relief funding but he was for it. John, you should shut the Hell up and try to be part of the solution rather then just being a pain in the ass.

Pentagon played CYA and ordered Able Danger "Atta papers" destroyed

I don't really care who this burns but someone has to get to the truth and politics be damned. If it was Clinton's fault then fine, if it was Bush's fault then fine, but we need to know the truth. To the Hell with politics on this issue because it is fundamental to the safety of every American. Imagine the outrage from the American people if we have an attack now and it is found that the terrorists came through the porous border?

CAIR is now hiring experienced photo shoppers please apply at their website
I have no PhotoShop skills and I could have done a better job. Who does CAIR think they are fooling? The sad answer is the MSM. Most Americans that take the time to learn about CAIR will recognize them for what they are, a front organization for its terrorist members. God help these people if an attack happens and it is traced back to one or more of CAIR's members.

As if we needed any other reasons why Israel was wrong for giving back Gaza, here is are more to ponder, here and here.
I really feel that Israel has made a terrible mistake in giving back Gaza. Israel has opened the door for expanded operations by Hamas, Hezbollah and given al-Qaeda an opening to start an offensive against them. We can only prepare to stand with them if and when the violence starts up again.

Hugo Chavez throws a "Kill Bush" party and the MSM shows up
So Hugo and the American MSM trip all over themselves to condemn Pat Robertson for speaking his sometimes misguided mind but everyone takes a pass on any criticism Chavez for throwing a party and encouraging the killing of President Bush. Could it be because no one in the MSM thinks Chavez is capable of doing the job? You better believe that the Secret Service takes every threat seriously. I guess that is because they actually do their job regardless of their personal opinions, so the MSM could learn quite a bit from the Secret Service.

Geraldo vs. The New York Times
I am putting fifty on Geraldo in this fight and I don't really like the guy. I tried to see if anyone in Vegas would take this bet but I was disappointed this time. The New York Times is either going to settle out of court and try for a gag order or just ignore it. Either way it is just one more example of their liberal bias.

Your tax dollars are paying for strip club dancers and many beers
I am so glad that we are living in the United States. Where else can we be so generous to give people in need taxpayer money and then not require the money be spent on life's essentials like food and shelter. Throwing money at a problem without oversight is not only the liberal way but it serves to nothing but continues the cycle of fraud, poverty, and ensures the survival of a welfare state.

Only half of evacuees willing to return to New Orleans and rebuild
People this is a good thing regardless of how the MSM will paint it. These people who only knew poverty and a welfare state in New Orleans have had their eyes opened to the wonderful range of opportunity that America has to offer. The rate of people who will not return to New Orleans is even higher among the evacuees here in Phoenix, less then a quarter are going to return and rebuild. I can't blame then at all, they have been handed an amazing opportunity out of tragedy and they are grabbing on with both hands.

NASA to unveil lunar plans on Monday to public
The plan is to get men back on the Moon for seven day stays and use lunar resources to augment what the astronauts are going to bring with then. Pretty cool if you ask me.

Microsoft thinking of buying AOL or something
Just a piece of advice to Microsoft put down the crack pipe and step away from Time-Warner. If Microsoft was to buy, merge or do anything with AOL it would be the death of the company that has brought us such great things as undocumented features (bugs) and Clippie.

Some interesting iPod news here and here and if anyone wants to, buy me this (4 GB model please) and I will be your friend forever.
Apple is slowing moving away from being a computer company and will be a gadget and software company. I may even try out OS X when it comes out for Intel-based computers, but their downfall has always been the lack of software and price of their hardware. We will have to wait and see.

And last but not least in my mind, Hockey prepares for its return with some pre-season games this weekend.
With the rule changes and new salary cap in place this season is going to be a strange experiment in patience by most hockey fans. I am looking forward to this season even after all the changes and hope my Red Wings find some scoring.

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