Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Mexico Tells U.S. to Shove It

Just a quick hit here, since I have been over this topic quite a bit already. Mexico cannot even control its own citizens inside its country so why do we think they are all willing to help with illegal immigration. They just do not care and when the US government tries to discuss the issue, we are told to mind our own business. Mexico is headed down a path that I am sure they do not want to be walking and that is pissing off the best friend that country has even had.

I continue to call on the President and Congress to tie the foreign aid given to Mexico to their performance on stemming the tide of illegal immigrants flooding into our country not to mention the almost daily cross-border raids conducted by Mexican crime families. The criminal elements bring drugs, guns, and smuggle human beings across the border. As I wrote yesterday, they could even be smuggling terrorists and weapons of mass destruction. Well that is my opinion on this topic for today; here is another opinion from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania of all places. The illegal immigration problem is not limited just to the Southwestern United States. To quote a wise man, Forest Gump, "that's all I have to say about that." Have a great day everyone.

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