Monday, February 14, 2005


I guess the title says it all eh? I want to congratulate my fellow bloggers, small and large, in their efforts to hold Mr. Easton culpable for his out-right lies. One thing that Easton failed to understand and that most of the MSM still don’t understand is that there is a standard and they will be held to it. One thing that most of us in the Blogsphere understand is that words mean things. I sincerely hope that the call to release the video of Easton’s slanderous comments does not die down. We can only hope that it will be released and then maybe those in the World that consider CNN an actual news source will learn the truth that many of us have known for years. The truth that CNN is nothing but a left-wing hate organization spewing propaganda to serve their own twisted goals. Many great men and women are fighting and dying for this country across the globe, not just in Afghanistan and Iraq.

My brother who serves with the 101st Airborne is scheduled to return to Iraq for a 2nd tour in the fall. He once told me that the hardest posting he ever had was the 6 months he served in Kosovo. When I asked him why, he simply responded that the good they accomplished in that terrible place was never reported, ever. The brave men and women serving worldwide, protecting our civilian rumps do not ask for medals and parades, they only want to do the best they can doing their duty and serving this country with honor. They deserve and we as the civilians that they serve should demand that they get a fair shake from the media. There is so much good that is being done over in Afghanistan and Iraq is never reported outside of military news sources, military member’s own Blogs, or others in the Blogsphere that have ties to the military.

Now don’t get the wrong idea, when bad things happen they deserve the same treatment as the good events. I do not look at the world in rose colored glasses; the world is a scary, evil place right now. One of the great strengths of the American people has always been the ability and foresight to do the right thing regardless of the cost. That is the mantra of our military and it is being followed everyday across the planet. Those that abuse their uniform or positions of authority need to quickly found and removed before that can do any further harm, just like those involved with the Abu Ghraib incident.

I have asked my brother and other members of the military to write guest posts here from time to time. Once they have received guidelines from their commanding officers, their contributions will hopefully be a regular occurrence on this humble site. I would like to issue a challenge to my very capable fellow bloggers: find a member in the military and become their pen pal, help spread the good that is being done. I have some links in the left sidebar to various organizations that work with the military, see if you can help one of them with your efforts. Together we can render the MSM irrelevant on one more issue and give these brave men and women their due. Thank you and God bless our men and women in the armed forces for their continuing service.

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