Thursday, February 10, 2005

The NHL Is Going, Going, Gone....

The NHL is on the verge of committing suicide on a bi-national scale. Earlier today the NHL owners made a last ditch offer to the players union. The full text of the offer is here if your feeling like you can make sense of it. Actually the offer is pretty easy to read; after all we are dealing with hockey players.

All sarcasm aside, I am a life long Red Wings fan having grown up in the Detroit area, I do hold out much hope after reading this at ESPN. I really deep down would rather them take the time to find the right solution then rush to an agreement that both sides will be complaining about a year later. I will come back to the game and while any gains the NHL made in gaining fans will be lost, the league hopefully will be much stronger in the end.

I as a pure fan do not really want to see a 25 or 30 game schedule followed by the normal 2 month playoff schedule. My motivation is completely selfish. Several of my favorite players are close to retirement and I would rather see a full season of their play then 30 games and then the playoffs. Well, I guess we will see by Monday if the NHL has slain goose that laid the golden egg or found a breath of new life in a spirit of compromise. Have a good night everyone.

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