Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Some Quick Thoughts

Just listened to the State of the Union speech since I was at work. I did set my DVR to record it so I will watch the video later. Read the transcript here. Here are my initial thoughts.

President gets his first ovation 30 seconds in, he did not waste time.

Some general ideas about taxes, economy, tort reform. Not really upset about the lack of details, he had already lain out many of these during the campaign.

I wished he had gone farther and tied together Tax reform and Social Security reform.

I am glad he is still pushing immigration reform despite the lack of urgency from Congress.

Let me just say how classless the Democrats in attendance were to boo/hiss at the President when he gave the facts about the problems facing Social Security. If they try to stonewall this effort to fix Social Security, they only cut their throats and wipe their party from the American political scene. Now, that might be good for us winning elections in the future but this issue is bigger then either party. Please learn this phrase you damn leftists, “It’s not always about you.”

Why are the Democrats so opposed to extending a benefit to all Americans that they already enjoy? (Thrift Savings Plans) The simple answer is they don’t believe in personal responsibility and think we are all stupid.

One last thing about Social Security for now. In 2042 by many reports, Social Security will be bankrupt. For those Democrats that argue that Social Security will still be able to pay 75% of its obligations, here’s the definition of bankruptcy: 1) legal inability to pay debts. 2) lack of resources. 75% is not going to cut it for anyone, especially for that 25% that they wish to leave behind.

The President was right to not bow to the call for a timetable regarding our withdrawal from Iraq. Even with a brother in the Army that is headed back for a second tour in Iraq, I don’t believe we should “cut and run” like Teddy Kennedy wants to, he does a disservice to our brave men and women in uniform and simply trashes his families legacy. We will leave when the job is done and not a second sooner. Ask any member of the military, they do not want to leave the job unfinished.

The President was right to remind us to honor our fallen heroes; they and their families deserve our thanks and our prayers.

The President’s closing reminded me of the great optimism that Ronald Reagan gave to everyone during his time in office. And that my friends is a damn good thing.

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