Tuesday, February 08, 2005

A French Connection?

Fresh off United States successes in Afghanistan, Iraq and now with news of an Israeli-Palestinian truce the French are calling for a renewal of US-Franco relations. Seems to me that history is repeating itself and the French are once again looking to be on the winning side. Or at least the side that will help them economically, cause baby, they are hurting.

Consider these facts:

1) French Unemployment stands at 9.9% (Source 1)

2) The US Dollar hit a 3 month high against the Euro today and signs point to a continuing rally in the currency markets. (Source 2)

3) French vintners are pressuring the government for assistance even as they consider a plan to “recycle” 65 million gallons of mostly high quality wine. Seems they can’t sell any wine in America to save their lives. The French industry while also a large part of the French economy is also a source of great national pride. (Source 3) (Source 4)

Now I am all for improving relations with allies, however if we take a second look at the French’s behavior over the last few years IMHO it hardly qualifies as the actions of an ally or even a good friend. Now as an ally, no one expects countries to agree on any one country policies 100% of the time. But an ally does not actively work against other allies that it has pledged a mutual defense and aid to. Hopefully as the probe in the Food-For-Oil scandal widens the role of the French government and their agents will come to light, we should know by mid-summer when the full report is due. I for one am not holding my breath.

Understandably the French fear joining the war on terror in a more visible role mainly out of a fear that they might upset their large Muslim population. The French have a Muslim population of 5.98 million which accounts for 10% of their total population. (Source 5) If we had 10% of our population in America subscribing to the same faith as the hundreds of thousands that have openly stated that they seek our destruction, I think we might be hesitate to act as well. But then again, it’s not part of our national history to be timid and afraid to act for the greater good.

The French have a long history of not wishing to do the right thing. No greater example exists then the unwillingness of the French Army to fight in World War II after France was liberated as documented by the hundreds of veteran interviews found in “Armageddon: The Battle for Germany, 1944-1945” by Max Hastings. The French armies’ reluctance ensured that they were left behind quickly as the Allies advanced towards Berlin. Correct me if I am wrong but was not The French Foreign Legion created because the French Army was not up to standards?

The French may once again prove to be a valuable ally in some future way or we may have to save them from an unforeseen conflict on the European continent if the march of Islamofascists continues unabated. I am inclined to believe it will be the latter and once again we will bury brave American men and women on French soil. Let us hope that the conciliatory nature of the statements coming from Paris is sincere and heartfelt.

Whether we like or admit it, our future in Europe must include both France and Germany. As our relations with them go, so goes the future of NATO. The role of NATO remains to be seen but it may include a significant role in the War on Terror. France would be well served to address their internal issues as a companion move to repairing the ill will between our countries. Amazingly enough we may once again find ourselves helping France through either military or economic means. While we move to promote freedom across the world thus providing for our own security, we must also be the bigger country and help those of our allies. Even the ones who insult our President and the American people, while at the same time fail to help themselves. I hate to admit it, but we need France as an ally if for no other reason then to keep them from becoming an out right enemy. Enjoy the research links and have a great day.

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