Monday, February 07, 2005

Moore Not Only A Liar, He's A Thief

According to an article in Monday's Australian online version, Michael Moore is a thief as well as a liar. Seems Mikey stole some footage of his buddy OBL from an Egyptian cameraman. I can't say that I am surprised by this turn of events.

Michael Moore has no single redeeming quality and Hollywood is wise to distance themselves from him with their rejection of his lie-packed "Fahrenheit 911". Unlike Mikey and his buddy Howard, Hollywood has read the tea leaves, seen the writing on the wall, and every other cliché you may choose to apply.

So now while Mikey claims he has not seen a dime from his movie maybe that will be his defense against the lawsuit he will now face in Egyptian court. Now that he has sunk from the spotlight one can only wonder what lies he will put forth as "truth" with his creative editing. For those that wish to get a real good idea of who Mikey Moore really is need only read this.

I guess we will now see if Mikey is above the law like the people he accuses. Namely the people who might question his real motivations, like padding his bank account at the expense of the truth. Well I could wish him good luck in his defense against this accusation but I won't. See, the penalty for theft in Islamic nations is the cutting off of one's hand. Perhaps he might make his next project a remake of "Peter Pan" with himself cast in the role of Captain Hook. Enjoy the links and have a great day.

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