Wednesday, February 16, 2005

MSM Strikes Back

Seems that the opening blows in the coming war between the MSM and the Blogsphere have been launched. The Tulsa World has seen fit to make a target of Michael Bates over at BatesLine. Michael has committed the unforgivable sin of publishing excerpts from the newspaper while giving them full credit for the content. I know what you’re thinking, just about every blog does that same practice on a regular if not daily basis, and God knows that I do.

The Tulsa World has clearly overstepped the bounds of copyright protection and is threatening Michael with legal action. Clearly they have no idea who they have picked a fight with. Here's a little bit of background information over at Michael's site and an equally good write-up at Michelle Malkin's site. Apparently the Tulsa World has no idea the odds they face in this battle, not to mention that they appear to not have a leg to stand on. Kevin over at Wizbang has a great letter that he has written to the vice-president of Tulsa World, read it here and send your own to this clueless wonder if the mood strikes you. I wish I had some clever rallying cry to issue but I don’t so let’s just stick it to the Man. Have a great day.

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