Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Scarier Then OBL

The Devil you don't know may be worse then the Devil you do. Not to insinuate that OBL is a banana split with sprinkles, but this new group the British are watching is supposed to far more hateful the Al Qaeda. Here is a short history of Al-Takfir wa al-Hijra; they are striving to be the next “great” Islamic terrorism group. I for one am glad the British are one ally that we can count on for continued intelligence.

As the rest of the World focuses on Al Qaeda, other groups will try and organize to fill the void left by our successes against OBL and his pack of murderers. Amazingly, Al-Takfir practices an even more rigid and violent form of Islam. They are completely committed to the restoration of the Islamic “Caliphate” and often point out other terrorist organizations as “weak” and not having the leadership to create the “golden” age of Islam. These guys even tried to assassinate OBL for being “soft” and have been linked to the Madrid train bombings last year. So far we have been lucky and there are no known Al-Takfir cells in the United States according to the FBI, but cruise over and take a gander at these folks.

Remember, in Israel which has much more experience in fighting terrorism, quite a few homicide bombings have been prevented by regular citizens that have been alert and paid attention to their surroundings. Hell, everyone can do something to help the country be more secure. On our highways we have truck drivers being trained by the Department of Homeland Security to watch for suspicious activity.

There are many new and emerging threats to our great country but I have faith in my fellow citizens and our leadership that we will prevail. We each need to be ready for the next attack which sadly seems inevitable, although though no fault of the hard working men and women of the Department of Homeland Security. I want to personally thank each and every one of them for their efforts.

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