Tuesday, February 15, 2005

An Open Letter to President Bush Part II

I originally wrote this letter to President Bush on November 4th. I thought it was interesting how priories can change in a short 4 months. My list of items that the President should work on changed quite a bit. If I were writing this letter today the list would read in this order, 1) Iraq/Iran/North Korea, 2) Taxes, 3) Immigration/National Security, 4) Social Security, 5) Federal Spending, and 6) OBL. I moved tax reform up to the second priority because I feel if the President can accomplish that, they the tough decisions that need to be made on Immigration and Social Security will be easier to swallow.

I had sent the original letter to the White House just before the President’s second term started but have not gotten a response back yet, when I do I will post it on my site for sure and maybe here. I doubt it will be anything but a form letter thank you but one can always hope. Have a great day everyone and let me know what your suggestions for the President would be.

Dear President Bush,

Congratulations on you victory. I watched both Senator Kerry and you speak on Wednesday and found both of your statements to be truly hopeful. For the record, I did put aside my differences with some of your policies and voted for you and Vice-President Cheney. The next 2 years hold an enormous opportunity for you. You have an increased majority in the Senate and House of Representatives, but I caution you not to waste this majority in the pursuit of fringe issues.

Your core supporters of which I am, want, no need you to return to the fiscally responsible, smaller government roots that embody the conservative movement in our party. To that end I have a number of issues that I hope you will address in the coming four years. These are listed in order of importance

1) Iraq. Please do not let Europe or others diminish your resolve. Our men and women serving in Iraq and Afghanistan are counting on you. The Iraqi and Afghan people are staking their futures on our resolve. Nothing will do more to improve our status in the world then helping to create free societies in Iraq and Afghanistan.

2) National Security/Immigration. I believe that national security and the lack of immigration enforcement are tied together. Please consider moving some of the forces that are returning from Europe and South Korea to postings along our northern and southern borders to assist the border patrol with enforcement of the existing immigration laws. I understand our policy of having a non-militarized border with Canada and Mexico, but the time for that has passed and I think our allies would agree. We should also endeavor to help our northern and southern neighbors in any way to strengthen their own borders. Our national security is paramount and accordingly please allocate the funding to keep all Americans safe. Inspect the shipping containers, hunt down the terrorists cells in this country, but never forget who you’re protecting. The American people will only tolerate so much government interference in their lives in the pursuit of security.

3) Taxes. Please take a good look at the tax code, bring in tax experts, and think outside the box. Make it easier for small businesses to start up and stay in business. Eliminate or reduce penalty taxes to encourage investment by all Americans, not just the wealthy. I personally would like to see something like a flat tax rate or a national sales tax. Either is a fair way to levy income taxes.

4) OBL. Please proceed with caution in regards to OBL. Hear me out on this one. If reports from various news sources and your own Defense department are to be believed, then OBL is sitting in a cozy cave in southwest Pakistan. If we go in and get him, we will spark a civil war in a country that has nuclear weapons and has given us great support in the war on terror. I applaud your long term vision on this subject and ask you not to bend to political pressure. Don’t get me wrong, I want that son of a bitch killed or rotting in prison as much as the next American but we need to be smart about it.

5) Federal Spending. Forgive the bluntness, but Mr. President you have been spending our money like a drunken sailor on shore leave. I understand we have just come out of a recession, been attacked and are fighting 2 wars, but come on man. Now that your tax cuts have taken hold and the economy is improving, the government’s tax revenues should be increasing. Don’t spend that increase on wasteful pork that Congress forces upon you. Please take a hard look at what is actually needed to defend this country and spend only that amount, and don’t forget about the needed social programs and education. I am all for helping people out but let’s not go crazy, remember the less government is involved in our lives the better off we are.

6) Social Security. Something needs to be done to Social Security just to keep our commitment to seniors for the next 20 years. Most people in my generation have already written Social Security off and are planning for retirement on our own. This is perhaps among the toughest decision you will have to make, but please do not pass the buck, make the tough choice and save Social Security. I am not sure what exactly can be done, maybe raising the retirement age or reducing benefits for the first few years of retirement. You as the most powerful man in the world can certainly find some people with ideas about fixing this.

Of course these are a wish list of what I would like to see happen, but I am realistic and know that we first and foremost have to attend to our national security; everything else you can accomplish is gravy. I wish you the best for the next four years and pray for you and our country every day. Thank you.

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