Tuesday, February 22, 2005

How Scott Ritter Is Once Again Betraying His Country

First of all let me say I believe Scott Ritter to be treasonous bastard who is only stirring the pot so he can sell his upcoming book. For those who have a short memory, Scott Ritter used to be a United States Marine and Weapons inspector for the United Nations. Scott has been a busy little boy since giving up being a weapons inspector, he now earns a living speaking and writing about how bad his country is. In fact he has a “Michael Moore” style movie coming out soon that was financed with $400,000 dollars of Oil-for-Food blood money. Oh, did I mention that he was once arrested for trying to have a cop posing as a 16 year old girl meet him at a Burger King to watch him masturbate. This guy is a real piece of work. In fact in 1998 he was so sure that Iraq had WMD’s that he quit his job at the UN in protest over what he thought was President Clinton being “soft” on Saddam. Here’s the link for the original article in the NY Post on Sept. 1st 1998, the Post what $3.50 for the full article so I dug it up here for your reading pleasure. Now that I got that out of the way and you have some background on what Scotty used to do, here’s what he has been up to in the last few days.

Ritter claimed at a speech he was giving in Olympia, Washington that not only has the President asked the DOD to draw up plans for attacking Iran but he has seen, discussed, and signed off on them. That statement taken by itself and out of context does not seem too bad, just another obvious lie from a moonbat seeking to rile up the far left anti-America crowd.. But here is the kicker, not only has the President signed off on the attack plans but they are due to kick off in June of this year. Yes the great and powerful Scott Ritter has seen the future and he sees a U.S. attack on Iran in June of 2005.

Let consider for one second that he might be telling the truth, hell if that the case then Mr. Ritter should be seeking legal consul since he has just committed treason and if convicted could be put to death as all traitors should be. Here’s the truth, Scott Ritter is a smart political operator and his statement about the United States attacking Iran in June of 2005 is merely a feebly shrouded attempt to create a media stir and make some more money by creating a market for his outrageous claims. The problem with a jackass like this is that people actually listen to him and never consider the implication of what he is actually saying. Look at these want to be numb nuts over here, not only did they abuse their role in the blogsphere but if you read through the comments after the post, they encouraged others to accept Ritter’s statement as good-as-gold truth. Now of course by tomorrow this will be making the rounds across the blogsphere, it fact these guys already picked up on it and while I point of the lunacy of it all I am also contributing to the life of this story, it’s a damn Catch-22.

I am not really sure why Scott Ritter hates President Bush, after all he claims to be a registered Republican, yet here’s a recent example of the thinly veiled hate he spews toward our commander in chief. Maybe while he was in Iraq and he saw the kind of money that was being made off the Oil-for-Food scam, something snapped and he developed the same self-loathing that infects so many Americans of the leftist persuasion.

The logistics of any attack are so tough and would surely open up the troops in Iraq to a counter-attack from Iran as well as potentially kick off a large scale war in the region that could include Syria, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq, among others. One other point to consider is the political pressure we would feel from Europe, China, Russia and India. Each of those nations has grown close to Iran and depends on the Iranians for oil and gas, not to mention a regional conflict would surely plunge the world into a recession as energy costs skyrocketed. The thought that the President has already signed off on an attack against Iran is simply too crazy to comprehend.

If the Iranians do not give in to the political pressure from the United State, the EU, and others then a military option must be considered. When the Iranian government states that they are only interested in clean nuclear power for their people, it’s a blatant lie. Iran sits on top of huge oil reserves and has no need for an additional power source such as nuclear power. Given that Iran’s mullahs have been sponsoring terrorism for the past 30 years, it’s a pretty safe bet that they won’t think twice about giving a nuke to some terrorist group to use on Israel, Europe, or the United States. For them it make perfect sense tactically since they could sit back and deny any involvement till the end of time while enjoying the murder of innocents with one of their weapons.

The world’s quarrel is not with the Iranian people just their leaders who refuse to join the community of nations that have condemned nuclear weapons. I think that the French and Germans do not really want to see a nuclear Iran either since their countries have large Muslim populations and have become a favorite hiding spot for the Islamofascists. If the day comes and military force is the last option, I hope that will stand with us. Of course if the Iranian people rise up and seize their futures from the mullahs then this whole discussion is a moot point, that’s my hope and I am sticking to it. Have a great day and enjoy the links.

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