Friday, February 04, 2005

WTF Friday Rant Volume 1 Issue 10

The Great Gmail Giveaway has been extended, so take advantage of our low low prices while you can. They are going fast and we are down to 46 invites so act now and email me at with your first, last name and the email address you would like the invite sent to. Now without further ado, the WTF Friday Rant. Enjoy and have a great weekend.

P.S. Look for my comparison of the Super Bowl to today's political scene over at Wide Awakes tomorrow.

Secretary of State Rice give maps to the Press, tells them to get a clue.

Univeristy of Colorado thinks about doing the right thing, don't hold your breath. And BTW, the Professor lied about the Red Man too. (Second Link)

Another example of wacko lawsuits and the nuts who bring them, anybody wonder why we need tort reform?

Pot calls the Kettle black and the world laughs

Moore slams Gibson for not backing his trash movie. Hey Mikey, Mel knows it's a sin to lie, get a clue.

Iran, they really don't like us or pretty much the rest of the non-Islamic world and oh BTW they really want a Nuke.

Voting Iraqis tell the terrorists FU

Chris Matthews steps over the line, criticizes dead Marines Mom and Iraqi voter.

Europe gives NYC another gift, not quite on the same scale as Lady Liberty

Unemployment lower then Reagan or Clinton, Oh whatever will the Dems complain about now.

Great translation of Democratic response, courtesy of David Limbaugh

Muslins debate the Jewish Problem: Kill or Convert

Kerry pledges to sign form 180, does anyone care at this point?

Janeane Garofalo has officially lost her mind, and to think I used to think she was funny

Illegals use snipers to cover entrance to US, thankfully they are not very good and no one has been hurt. Gotta love those Mexican neighbors and their kooky gun habits.

And lastly, alcohol is for drinking not pouring in your butt. Common Sense people, it's a good thing.

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