Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Mini-Tour Of My Blogroll

I am feeling a little under the weather and may or may not post a little later in the day. But in the mean time, for everyone's enjoyment I have randomly selected some folks from my blogroll that I feel everyone should read on a regular basis.

Enjoy the links, tell them hello and that The Mad Tech says Hey!

The Wide Awakes - A diverse group of folks dedicated to spreading the truth of the world while helping liberals make fools of themselves. Really a great bunch of writers but more importantly, great people. Really I am not saying that just because I write there also.

FFS - What can I say about K other then the fact that she is great and her writing always puts a smile on my face while making me laugh about the stupid people she faces everyday. And she has one of the coolest blog designs in the blogsphere.

It is What It is - Z is simply the man when it comes to telling things like it is. Her stories of his recent move south strike a nice balance with his no punches pulled commentary on the day's events. Plus his dogs are damn cool.

Framptonia - Nate and his crew provide thoughtful commentary on all topics and in a civil nature since his team member’s hail from both sides of the political fence. This blog will become a powerhouse in the Blogsphere I predict, the writing is always original and challenges the reader to really think about the topic.

The Church of Dysfunction - What can I say about a young man (20) who is not afraid to show his commitment to his faith and speaks his mind. The Rev. shares his unique view on various topics and once a week or so performs a valuable service to his local community by posting about released sex offenders with data from law enforcement.

NIF - Last but not least by any measure. TJ does an outstanding job in gathering a wide spectrum of news items for digestion along with his commentary. Far more interesting then Drudge and will be larger then him in the near future.

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