Monday, February 21, 2005

Happy Birthday To Ryne

No regular post today because it's the anniversary of the second greatest day in my life, my wedding day being the first in case you were wondering. Today is my son's fourth birthday. He is an amazing little boy with unbelievable energy and a thirst for learning that puts both his mother and I to shame.

As many will agree, one of the greatest things in the world is that look of utter admiration and love that you can only get from your child. When I look into his eyes that are so full of wonder it restores my faith in the thought that anything is possible. The future of our children is boundless and somewhere deep down I think they know it and are eager to get on with it.

Well enough writing for one day, I am going to play dinosaurs with my boy and enjoy every second of it. Have a great day, hug your kids cause they grow up too quickly, and I will be back tomorrow with a “regular” post.

Happy 4th Birthday to Daddy’s little Boy

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