Monday, January 10, 2005

The ACLU Loses For Once

Well, well, the much heralded protector of our civil rights, the ACLU for those in the blue states, has lost a religion case. It seems that even they can't trample a private landowner’s right to display The Ten Commandments. The case sets a great precedent that I am sure will be used to combat the blatant anti-Christian agenda of the ACLU.

I will make a prediction, the ACLU is about to be handed a series of defeats in their pursuit of wiping the American landscape of its religious nature. The fact is that an over-whelming majority of this country identifies themselves as Christian and the ACLU is simply diluting any good that they might do in the future by continuing to cater to the fringe of our society. In fact they are reaffirming their communist beginnings with each and every frivolous lawsuit. Enjoy the link. Later……………..

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