Tuesday, January 25, 2005

When Is A Friend Really An Enemy?

The time has come for this nation to, because of national security concerns; abandon our dependence of Middle-Eastern oil. I don’t say this because I feel that oil is too expensive or because I am member of the fruits and nuts crowd. I say it simply because I don’t want another dime of American money paying Islamic fanatics to kill and wound American Soldiers and other Americans across the world. The time has come to scale back at the very least or in my humble opinion cut ties with Saudi Arabia. The following quote sums up the betrayal of our supposed ally, the full article is here.

“Fundamentalist Islamic leaders in Saudi Arabia are telling militants intent on fighting "infidels" to join the insurgency in Iraq instead of taking up Osama bin Laden's call to oust the Saudi royal family at home, say Saudi dissidents who monitor theological edicts coming out of the kingdom.”

The Imams of Saudi Arabia have to preach jihad, it’s one of the ways that the royal family maintains it’s legitimacy with the populace. The current situation in Iraq solves a number of problems for them. After the most recent attacks on American and other foreign targets in the Kingdom, the royal decree to the clerics to stop preaching jihad in the kingdom. Since the royals fund all of the clerics in question they complied, some even refuse positions and preached against the Jihadis as they are known.

We now hear confirmed reports out of Iraq that some of the suicide bombers are of Saudi nationality and coupled with the latest preaching’s from the kingdom is that any doubt that the Saudi royal family can no longer control it’s own radicals. While we have a long standing National Security directive that middle-eastern oil is to be defended at all costs, I think a strategy of reduced dependence on their oil will certainly force a change in attitude from this “ally”. The fact that we spend billions of dollars on oil should be a powerful incentive.

The path is clear and we face the fork in the proverbial road. Shall we continue to fill the coffers of a people committed to destroying our way of life, or shall we take “the road less traveled” and make a hard decision? If we have the courage to make the hard choice and prove to the world that the United States can lead the way with our ingenuity and research, we will insure that future generations of Americans never fear the threat of petrol-terrorists like Saudi Arabia.

To quote a great American, "We do these things ... not because they are easy, but because they are hard." Pres. J. F. Kennedy” The man had a way for expressing great ideals in such simple prose. If our leaders shall not make the tough decision and heed President Kennedy’s words of wisdom then I fear we will make an uneasy bedfellow to the brand of terrorism breeding in the bosom of our “allies”. Rest easy my friends, because of the efforts of our brave men and women in uniform, we have some time to make this decision and cross our Rubicon. Thank a soldier for your freedom today, visit Defend America let them know how thankful you are. Hat-tip to Beth over at My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy for the link. Later…………….

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