Wednesday, January 19, 2005

The Scary Nuclear World We Live In

What do Boston, Iran, and Russia have in common? Well, let me explain the connection I see. In Boston today officials are scrambling to gather intelligence about a possible nuclear threat to their city. Seems someone called the FBI and reported that 2 Iraqi nationals and 4 Chinese nationals entered this country with plans for fair Boston and they can say nuclear correctly. The story is developing and details are sketchy. The link is from Drudge. This part of the puzzle is called nuclear.

I guess Iran is taking the reports seriously that we have been running covert ops in their country for some time. I don’t doubt the validity of the report in the New Yorker but rather the timing of its release and the motivation of the reporter. Think about it for a second, if we have plans to force regime change in Iran or just simply to prevent them from obtaining nuclear weapons, this type of intelligence gathering is absolutely needed. Frankly, I am glad the President is taking the threat of a nuclear Iran so seriously. One would hope that any data we have is being passed on to the EU to aid; not hinder their negotiations with Iran over their nuclear program. This part of the puzzle is called Islamic fascism.

And last but not least, Russia. What are our good friends the Russians up to? Why they are building statues of Stalin and moving away from capitalism and back to communism. The failure of communism has been forgotten and the people are eager to return to a time when it was all about cruel dictators and defeating the evil United States. I foresee the Russians thinking that they can line up on the side of Iran and opposing any European or American plans to disarm said country. I mean, why not? Russia was able to run terrorist operations as the Soviet Union and not suffer any backlash why should it be any different now? Russia has invested heavily in Iran and Iraq since the cold war ended and since it appears unlikely they will benefit from the money spent in Iraq, they are making nice with Iran. Ever wonder who got them up to speed with their nuclear program? Ding, Ding, you are correct sir, Russia. The puzzle piece here is Nuclear Proliferation.

The common thread here is the simple fact that our enemies and pseudo friends are either working actively to obtain or use nuclear weapons against us or simply ignoring the threat because they don’t feel like it applies to them. My fellow countrymen and women, the future is scary but we will prevail. Later………………

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