Wednesday, January 05, 2005

A Liberal That Is Not Out Of His Mind

As I stumble through the Blogsphere, I occasionally find folks of different political leanings that not only don't immediately offend me with their "crazy talk" but make a good point on a topic or even sometimes have a great idea. Today was one of those days.

Allow me to present for your approval the blog of DD Sez. DD is admittedly a liberal but makes a fantastic and yet realistic suggestion for fixing Social Security. The opinions expressed in his post make frighten quite a few of his fellow liberals because they are in fact very close to what the President has already proposed, but that's ok.

The sad fact is that until all parties can finally agree there is a problem with Social Security nothing will be accomplished. The current denial of Democrats that there is even a problem is nothing short of amazing. Well congratulations to DD for recognizing the reality of the situation and making a well-thought, well-written suggestion to addressing the problem. Stop by and give him a read. Later………….

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