Monday, January 03, 2005

Mexican Solution To A Shitty Economy: Move To The USA Part 2

Now this just takes the cake, and yes I know it's out on Drudge and American Dinosaur. I had planned not to post on it since it was out there but realized that I had seen it the day it ran (Jan. 1st) and Drudge and everyone else did not post until the 2nd. That is beside the point, this is one of the greatest threats to this countries security and it needs to be discussed and our leaders in Washington need to be put on notice that this problem is no longer acceptable.

Apparently in additional to acknowledging that illegal immigration to the U.S. is keeping the Mexican economy afloat while looking the other way, the Mexican Government is now encouraging people to immigrate illegally with a "How to" comic book that contains no information about immigrating legally. Well, if our government knows this and just gives Mexico a little wink then they are just as guilty and deserve to be voted out of office since their priority does not seem to be the security of this nation.

I would also suggest that we need to seriously look at the friendship of an ally that purposely undermines our border security with this kind of effort. I doubt the Mexican government would be so kind if the roles were reversed. Perhaps if our government actually decides to secure our borders and maybe even put some pressure on Mexico and Canada to do the same then those of us within driving distance of the border could sleep a little better at night. My frustration lies in the simple fact that this is just a "dirty little secret" and that even when it comes to the light of day in print, television, and the internet, people just shake their heads and brush it off like some new fallen snow. Well, I got news for all of you in the rest of the country that don't think there's a immigration problem, it's only going to get worse and it will come to your town sooner then later. I mean don't let the fact that Mexican criminal groups are now sending illegals farther and farther north with plans to set up shop, bother you one bit. Perhaps when the "enlighted" folks on the East Coast run out of illegal nannies then something will get done.

On another note, here's a new German immigration law that we should look at for possible ideas. Basically, the law states that German citizenship will only be granted after a period of time and once certain conditions are met. Immigrates from non-EU nations will still have more loops to jump through but all immigrates will have access to government sponsored classes on how to acclimate to German society. The new law will also help prevent terrorists from immigrating to Germany legally. It bears worth a read if our lawmakers are serious about immigration reform. Enjoy the links, later…………

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