Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Hillary Starts Work At CBS

Today is my day to post over at The Wide Awakes so stop by and take a gander at this. Now on to the junior Senator from New York's try-out for a position at CBS news.

Sometimes when a person speaks you just shake your head wonder what the hell is running through their head. Before I point out yet another reason why Senator Clinton should never be considered for President in 2008 much less re-election as Senator in 2006, let me frame my comments with my own views on abortion.

There I said it, abortion. This is where I have a slightly different view then my "traditional" conservatives. I frankly do not feel that a man can dictate what a woman should do with her body. I believe that men should be involved with a decision of that magnitude, but ultimately it is the decision of that woman. Now before you scream Pro-Choice from up on high consider this, as a Christian I shed a tear and say a prayer for both mother and child every time an abortion is performed. Would I like to see fewer abortions performed, of course. But I recognize that I if I am true to the belief that judgment is reserved for my Creator, then I can not and should not impose my beliefs on anyone on any subject. Ok, now that I have that out of the way on the good stuff.

Senator Clinton in a speech on Monday to a group of pro-abortion activists tried to say that the President’s lack of funding for Planned Parenthood centers lead to an increase in abortions in several states. First of all, Planned Parenthood is nothing more then an abortion factory. Any good that they provide to women in a difficult time is over shadowed by the fact that they push women towards abortion above all other options. This is where I think she is really applying for a job over at CBS news. See the study that she quotes her numbers from has been widely discredited as utterly false in many of its assumptions and factually incorrect. Apparently Senator Clinton has some former CBS employees working for her, but since she is a not a journalist and merely a politician I guess she feels it’s ok to blatantly lie about things the rest of the world already knows to be untrue.

After all, when challenged with the facts in this case, she will pull a Rather and tell us how a lowly staffer made a mistake and did not do the proper research. Hell we expect politicians to lie to us and they rarely disappoint on either side of the aisle. The point really is just to illustrate how the Democrats put forth an agenda that lacks of any personal responsibility. First, there was no increase in abortions due to lack of funding by this Administration. The data the Senator quotes from has been horribly manipulated by the researcher so no reliable conclusion can be reached from it.

For arguments sake let’s make the leap and assume that abortions may have increased in some states during the last 4 years. Now if we make that “assumption”, how can the Senator claim that is the fault of any Administration much less then one? Very easy, see it’s the government’s fault that these people had unprotected sex and became pregnant, not their own. The manta of Democrats and Liberals is that you should not take any responsibility for your actions, because after all they believe that you are stupid and the government has a duty to help you live a better life. Think on that statement for a second and let it echo in your mind.

“They believe your stupid and the government has a duty to help you live a better life” The sole duty of our government as laid out by the founding fathers was to protect and defend the nation against all threats, foreign and domestic. The government does not exist for the masses to live off it and vote democratic. It is no more the Administration’s fault for a mythical rise in abortions then is it their fault that I stubbed my toe on one of my child’s toys this morning. The lack of personal responsibility when engaging in sexual activity is the single greatest reason (fact) in the supposed rise of abortions. If you choose to not practice safe sex, then you and you alone are responsible for the results of your actions. It’s is not the government’s responsibility to hold your hand and make you wear a condom or tell you to abstain lest you become a health care burden because of a STD or an unwanted parent.

The bottom line is that most citizens in this country do know right from wrong and do learn in a responsible manner. This is a simple and yet stark fact that makes it very clear what the liberals think of you. The fact is that when we have less government intrusion into our lives and take personal responsibility for our actions, the better off this country is. Let’s hope that the people in the great state of New York awake from their liberal stupor and do not return Clinton to the Senate in 2006, thus signaling the death knell of her ambitions to be President. I am sure she can get a talking head job over at CBS with this latest episode. Later……………...........

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