Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Fair Tax Proposal

I would encourage those who are quick to dismiss the Fair Tax Plan to step up with their own ideas on how to fix the mess we lovingly call the U.S. tax code. I have seen quite a few people post in favor of this plan and a lot of people (some libs, some not) simply heap criticism on it without either actually reading the material or proposing another solution. The thing that has and continues to make this country great is the free-flowing exchange of ideas. You don't like the Fair Tax proposal, then get off your ass and suggest something else or if you’re a liberal and like higher taxes, then suggest that. The point is that no matter what side you’re on in this issue of Tax Code reform, do something! If we wait and hope the government is going to fix the problem, then my friends we will be waiting for a long time indeed.

Personally the best part of this Fair Tax Plan for me is the fact that savings are not taxed at all, the estate tax is eliminated, and those who earn below the poverty guideline would automatically receive a rebate check every month, so in practical terms they would pay no taxes. The Founding Fathers never intended the government to collect a personal income tax but as we know the best of intentions sometimes go astray.

I have included some reference links below that outline the Fair Tax plan. I would encourage anyone who pays taxes to do some research and read up on the plan as well as others that are being suggested. If you think this plan sounds like a great idea then contact your Congressman, Congresswoman or Senators and let them know. Until we force a change through our voting habits, the tax code will never be reformed. If your opposed, then suggest what you think would be a better idea, don't just complain. Either way get involved, our government has grown fat and lazy under both parties and no longer feels accountable to the people of this country.

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