Saturday, January 15, 2005

Arizona Immigration Update

Apparently the 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals has returned to their senses and realized that Judges interpret the law and not make the law. The injunction request was only denied and the court has yet to rule on the legality of the law itself that will come in the next few months. You might wonder why I have posted on this subject numerous times in the last few months. Well, frankly this issue affects everyone in this country and it does not really get a lot of play in the MSM outside the southwest or in Washington. I don't pretend to reach that great an audience with this blog but each and every person that spends a few minutes thinking, maybe doing some research on this issue, and contacting their lawmakers in Washington has the potential to swing the tide in our favor. In order to control this countries density, we must control our borders.

The Mexican group that filed the appeal is long rumored to be directly funded by the Mexican government and here in Arizona, it's pretty much accepted as that's just the way it is. I ask the question once more; when is this government, who for years looked the other way when it came to illegal immigration, going to discover some balls and say to Mexico, enough is enough. You can't have an open border and fair immigration with a partner that has a knife firmly planted in your back and his fingers crossed. Kind of heavy for a Saturday eh? Well, read the story the links below. Later...................

The Mad Tech

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