Thursday, January 13, 2005

Mineta Needs To Go

Why in God's name has the President not given this guy his walking papers? Out of everyone in his cabinet, Mineta is the one the President should have out right fired. Forget Rummy you damn libs, that’s another discussion for another time and this guy is the worst, not to mention he’s one of yours. He has opposed every measure purposed to make commercial traffic in this country safer. Here's a taste of his logic:

"What we are concerned with is a very small number of irresponsible people using pen-style lasers and commercially available pointers to illuminate aircraft in a way that could be dangerous to their operation ... or illegal," he said."

Wait a damn second, “or illegal”? As the Secretary of Transportation should not he know if it’s illegal? Yet in many news reports from various sources last week, the "pen-style" laser was not capable of the incidents reported. I quote the AP report from December 31st:

"Scientists discount the possibility that pilots are merely the victims of a popular new Christmas toy or jokesters toying with a $19 laser pointer from an electronics store. Loren Thompson, who teaches military technology at Georgetown University, said a piece of equipment that could do the things the FBI is investigating would be "fairly expensive and fairly sophisticated." He characterized it as a reasonably powerful visible light laser that can lock onto a fast-moving aircraft. "That's not the sort of thing you pick up at a military surplus store," he said."

So what is the truth Norm? If you are trying to continue your MO of saying one thing and then another a few weeks later, congratulations, you have succeeded. The American people deserve a Secretary of Transportation that will not stand in the way of measures to make our travel safer and will not speak out of both sides of his mouth. The first link is to Norm’s comments yesterday and the second is the AP wire report from the 31st of December about the laser “attacks” on planes around the country. One can only hope that since Fox News is reporting on the grand obstructionist plans of the Democrat Party, the President will end this experiment of having a member of the opposition party in the cabinet. Enjoy the links. Later……………

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