Wednesday, January 19, 2005

CBS And The Blogsphere

CBS News while suffering from a credibility crisis may decide to do the news Comedy Central style. They seem to think if they make fun of the news that will some how cause the few viewers they have to trust them again. I will now join the rest of the free world and declare CBS dead as a news organization. The link to this incredible piece of information is here.

Many news groups have declared 2005 the year of the blog and I might agreed with them except for the fact that businesses are now going to try and make money off Blogs. Speaking from my own personal experience, if there was an easy way to make money off a blog, there would be quite a few new millionaires given the sheer number of Blogs in existence on the internet.

I think the MSM will work very hard to persuade the public that Blogs are not to be trusted and should be dismissed as uneducated, untrained people sprouting off at topics that they are qualified to comment on. Well, I don’t know about you but I have never even thought of myself as a journalist. But I do have a couple things going for me, I believe in God unlike most journalists, I believe that my fellow citizens for the most part can use their own common sense and smell bullshit pretty far away.

While Blogs are not held to the same “standards” that the MSM is supposed be, if you surf the Blogsphere in any regularity, you will find that most bloggers will try to do their homework lest they be bombarded by deluge of critical comments. Unlike like the MSM we do a pretty good job of weeding out the bullshiters and scam artists. Now don’t get me wrong, as with any news you should consider the source, because there are certainly those out there who like to bend and shape news to fit their view of the world.

Now that being said, a blog is simply a collection of personal opinions, thoughts and observations. One thing that most bloggers will not do unlike the MSM is take ourselves too seriously. I mean we are only locked in a good vs. evil battle with our liberal opponents for the hearts and minds of the free world.

I am happy to announce that I have the privilege to now write for The Wide Awakes on a weekly basis. Here is our mission statement for all to read so beware you leftist moonbats, we are coming for you. Later……………

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