Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Arizona Immigration Update

The opponents of Immigration Reform here in Arizona have launched an appeal to the hated 9th Circuit Court of Appeals based in the liberal Mecca of San Francisco. Wait a second; I apologize to Mecca for comparing it to San Francisco that was uncalled for. I have no hope that this law will remain a law after the activist judges on the 9th Circuit Court get done with it. After all these are the same justices that ruled that God should be removed from the Pledge of Allegiance.

Amazing enough in this case, if the law is ruled as unconstitutional that may not be a bad thing. The original way the law was written does leave open the possibility that it will be overturned. If that does happen, a clearer version of the law can be introduced before this fall and once again voted on by the people. Support for this law currently stands anywhere from 60% to 72% depending on the poll so I am sure a second version would pass just as easily as the first did.

If the law is not struck down then great, full stream ahead with its enforcement. But if it is, then it’s supporters should not be disheartened but rather work to get a law passed that will meet court challenges and reduce the amount of state tax dollars going to illegals that turn around and send it south to Mexico. IMHO, Mexico already gets enough foreign aid from the US government and does not need to be supplemented by Arizona state tax revenues. The links to two stories about the appeal are below, enjoy. Later.................

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