Thursday, January 06, 2005

When Will He Learn?

There is really no point to this posting, just piling on when a former target is down and riling up some liberals. Let me ask a question, If a group of people strongly dislike you and when you visit them you insult their chosen leader, what the hell kind response do you think your going to get?

Yet another example of why John Kerry is a jackass, he is acting like he is still campaigning. According to the ever truthful San Francisco Chronicle in this article, he only met with about 20 soldiers. I was shocked by that report, I mean after all the Chronicle goes on to report on what a warm reception Kerry received. Normally an openly liberal rag like this would never report any details that could be used to embarrass a fellow leftist. Guess in pointing out that he only talked to 20 soldiers they have decided that he should follow Al Gore and fade away.

It is of interest that after spewing his campaign talking points, the article over at NewsMax goes on to report, “Then, perhaps sensing he'd gone too far, the 2008 White House hopeful cut short the Bush-bashing, saying, "Now, it's a different time and different set of judgments that have to be made. I'm here to make judgments about what moves are available to us." Boy, where are this guy’s advisors when he needs them. By the way John, don’t worry about hurting your chances in 2008, the Clinton machine is going to eat you for breakfast.

I will say this, the smartest thing Mr. Kerry did today was his decision to not be in Washington D.C. for the certification of the 2004 election. He wisely choose to sit that dance out, maybe because of his 2008 aspirations or maybe because he realized that no good could come from the ruckus caused by his Senate gal pal Barbara Boxer and the usual suspects in the House. Senator Boxer is another topic for another time, but rest assured fearless readers that she will feel the lash of my keyboard very soon. As far as the Conyers/Waters crowd in the House, they are a bunch of failed politicians and really not worth anyone’s time, much less their constituents.

One last bit of advice for Johnny boy, if you’re really serious about supporting our troops, stop voting against their funding. That “voted for it first, and then voted against it” excuse just ain’t going to fly with these real American heroes. If you can’t “Move On”, then please follow Al Gore in to obscurity.

Have a wonderful day. Later…………

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