Friday, January 14, 2005

WTF Friday Rant Volume 1 Issue 7

First of all, some blogging business to take care of. BlogClicker is the real deal and if you have not signed up, help a brother out and use this link. I have received over 1600 hits since Monday, so it's for real and they seem to give out more free credits then BlogExplosion. I predict a free credit, and banner impression war between the two sites very shortly. I have been privileged to be selected to write for another blog on a regular basis, watch for a formal announcement on Monday. And without further ado, the WTF Friday Rant. Enjoy the links, later...................

FCUK this and FCUK them (Hint: the F stands for French)

Clint to Mike: " I 'll Kill Ya"

Sears plays dictator, fires critic (hat tip to Mrs. Mad Tech)

Who turned up the Freaking heat!!!

This couple Yahooed and got a baby boy!

Need some money, bag a bad guy.

Told you so doesn’t quite do it.

Damn good reason to NOT be a wrestler.

Pentagon gives up on Sex bomb, Love Potion No. 9 and Spanish Fly not strong enough.

Ted Kennedy opens mouth, chugs beer, and inserts foot.

Damn Andy Rooney is the man! (At least on this point.)

And last but not least, words of wisdom from the man in white.

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