Wednesday, April 27, 2005

1984 Has Arrived And It's Called The Socialist State Of California

A bill quietly moving its way through the California legislature has all the earmarks of turning California further into a socialist police state. This bill would require handgun ammunition makers to micro stamp each and every single round with a serial number so that they could be tracked by the driver's license of the purchaser. Put aside the 2nd Amendment issues for a second and just consider the privacy issue of the state tracking your purchases in yet another effort to suppress gun ownership. Very Orwellian in my humble opinion and frankly doomed to failure if the Governor actually signs the bill into law since it will face very little if any opposition in the Democrat controlled legislature.

Where is the ACLU you ask? Surely they see the potential for abuse if this law passes, oh yeah they don’t do 2nd Amendment cases. They pick and choose with of our rights they will defend. Certainly they have a problem with the State of California tracking purchases made by its citizens, not likely. I will be contacting the ACLU of both Northern and Southern California to get their opinion on the bill and whether they plan to oppose it at all, stay tuned for an update later today.

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