Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Minuteman Project Update

Just a quick update on The Minuteman Project because I know that the MSM is not reporting the whole story. Here is a great link for those who wish to follow the truth. Driving home this afternoon I was listening to the local talk station and the host was interviewing Jim Gilchrest the founder of The Minuteman Project. Here are a few things that the MSM is not reporting.

The complaint the border patrol has about sensors being tripped by the Minutemen is completely false. The Minutemen according to co-founder Chris Simcox had already worked with border patrol to avoid doing just that. The sensors are being tripped by the "observers" from the ACLU and other protesters. The report of the Minutemen tripping the sensors is being passed to the media by border patrol supervisors who are unhappy with the publicity that the Minutemen are drawing to the border.

The majority of the actually border patrol agents who work the field and support the Minuteman Project have been forbidden to speak with any Minutemen members outside of official duties and have been threaten with losing their jobs if they do so.

The Mexican Army has stationed a thousand soldiers on their side of the border and they are assisting illegals by directing them around the area patrolled by the Minutemen between Douglas and Naco.

On 4 separate instances during Tuesday the complete FRS/GMRS radio spectrum was jammed for duration of 45 minutes each time. The US Army at Fort Huachuca has launched a spy balloon to help pinpoint the jamming after the FCC was contacted this afternoon by the Minutemen organizers.

Just a personal thought, could the Mexican army be behind the jamming or possible a Narco-Terrorist group?

Late yesterday afternoon, the Minutemen received word that they may be attacked in a two pronged move in the next 48 hours which would be through Thursday afternoon. What has the FBI and other law enforcement done to help protect the citizens participating in the Minuteman Project? Nothing while suggesting that the Minutemen cut short their stay in Southern Arizona. Nice to know you can count on the FBI.

I am seriously considering going down to the border either this weekend or next to assist as a regular citizen in any way I can. I will continue to post news on the Minuteman Project as it is reported locally and certainly about my experiences when I join their ranks for a weekend.
Have a great Wednesday everyone.

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