Friday, April 22, 2005

WTF Friday Rant Volume 1 Issue 21

Happy Freaking Earth Day to all you tree-hugging Freaks who value plants over human life. How is Earth Day working out for you kooks on the left? From where I sit it looks as if your little holiday has not accomplished jack sh*t. In fact most people I know are far and away more committed to the environment then many of the fruits and nuts crowd on the left. Remember the definition of insanity, "Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results each time." Now that I got that off my extremely non-politically correct chest on to this weeks installment of the WTF Friday Rant. If your around the BlogSphere at 8pm Eastern and feel inclined, join us over at Stop the ACLU for our weekly chat and be sure to listen to Kender Uncensored tonight from 12am - 2am Pacific over here. I will also have a post over at The Wide Awakes this afternoon so be sure to stop on by and drop off your two cents. Next weekend I head to the Arizona-Mexico border to express my support for the Minuteman Project and "observe" the "legal observers".
Have a great weekend everyone.

Just when I thought the French were turning the corner, too much to hope for I guess.

Passing the buck is Heinz-Kerry tradition; The Wicked Witch of the East blames new Pope for her hubby's loss. There goes the religiously tolerant left setting the bar again.

Again the ACLU rides to the rescue of criminals, this time it's those often misunderstood Drunk Drivers.

Germany barely notices their Cardinal made Pope despite millions of members and millions in government funding for the churches.

The Ignorant Atheists slam Pope on past. I say Burn in Hell to them and by the way I forgive your ignorance but the Guy downstairs might have a different opinion.

Retiring Rep. Hyde says Clinton impeachment was revenge for Nixon impeachment. Whatever.

147 Brazilians caught illegally entering the country through Texas, Brazil vows not to take a backseat to Mexico in the illegal immigration race.

This week's winner of the Pot calling the Kettle black award is again the Democratic Party led by the King of Hypocrisy Harry Reid. They could have won for the long-standing dispute over judicial appointees and the fact that well they were in power they made the same argument the Republicans are making for a straight up and down vote. But I choose to stick with the current double-standard they are pushing in regards to ethics in the Congress. Namely the way they have gone all out to purse an ethics investigation against Tom Delay while ignoring the ethics misdealings of one Hillary Clinton and her campaign finance director. Like I said before if Delay is guilty then get him out of the House, and when it's proven that Hillary knew what her money man was doing then get her out of the Senate. Enough said, enjoy the link.

Michael Moore starts scholarship to promote civil disobedience on college campus and thus jeopardizes the winner’s future. The kid’s parents must be very proud and grateful to Mikey.

U.S. Military to formalize ties to the Libyan military, my how the times have changed.

Schwarzenegger back-pedals on border comment, says he learned that trick from his in-laws.

ACLU gets it wrong again, wants Air Marshals to tell all so that the terrorist know our air travel weaknesses. When oh when is this Anti-American group going to added to the terrorist list and prosecuted with the RICO statue?

Interesting "Princess Bride" reference in regards to the new Pope. Benedict XVI sets lofty goal of converting Europe's Muslims to Christianity.

Unhappy with your car's performance? If you live in Florida, don't put it out of its misery.

I can't believe this and I live within ten miles of the freaking city. Folks, I present to you the newest member of the Mesa Arizona SWAT Team, SWAT MONKEY!!!!

Eye for an Eye takes on a whole new meaning in Bangladesh.

Further proof that the Cubs and all of their fans are cursed. Please Lord in my lifetime ok?

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