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Why The Minuteman Project Must Succeed

The news out of the southwest is all about The Minuteman Project. For those who have been living under a rock, The Minuteman Project is a group of concerned citizens who plan to patrol the Arizona/Mexico border and report any illegal immigration to the border patrol. The genesis for this idea is the fact that our brave border patrol agents are just not being supported by this government or even being allowed to enforce the laws on the books already. This effort is a political wake up call for our politicians and sadly I fear they will not heed it.

Some would say that this event is blatantly racist and directs hated towards Mexico, I say anyone that makes that statement is completely ignorant of the facts of illegal immigration. Check out these instructions for the rallies the Minutemen are holding today and tomorrow before they actually start their mission on the border for the next month.

Apparently the leftists don’t really care about existing immigration laws being broke or the fact that any John Doe Terrorist can wake across the border without so much as a second glance. Check out this assine statement from Jennifer Allen, director of the Border Action Network which was formed to protect human rights along the border. Anyone want to bet that she is also a member of the American Communist Lawyers Union? I would bet a week’s pay on it and unlike the lefties, I don’t work for some non-profit fruit and nuts group. I work for an “evil” and successful corporation so I can put some money where my mouth is, but I am getting off topic.

"This project is a horrendously dangerous waste of time; we need comprehensive reform so that immigrants don't need to risk their lives to come to this country."

You know I am going to go out on a limb and say that the comprehensive reform that she speaks of is the RESPONSIBILITY OF THE MEXICAN GOVERNMENT, GET A FREAKING CLUE YOU MOONBAT!!! 560,000 illegal immigrations were caught crossing the border illegally in Arizona during the past fiscal year. If the Mexican government would spend a little more time worrying about their economy and less time about threatening to sue Arizona and the Minutemen in some bullshit international court then their citizens would not risk life and limb to travel to the United States and break the law. If the roles were reversed, the Mexican government would be crying bloody murder.

Arizona is the second fastest growing state in the country, want to know why? According to the Pew Hispanic Center, 1 in 11 Arizonans are here in the country illegally. Any one want to guess what that costs Arizona taxpayers each year? How about 1.3 billion dollars a year? That number included the costs incurred from education of illegals, emergency/non-emergency medical care for illegals, and incarceration of those illegals who break even more laws after illegally crossing the border. Man that is a lot of money that could have been used for a variety of state programs including police and fire.

When talking about illegal immigration the question often comes up from folks that live outside the southwest, why should I care about illegal immigration? How about this example of why you should care, illegals are being arrested from Maine to Iowa. Here are a few examples, here and here and here. When I was living in the great city of Chicago I never really thought about illegal immigration but there it was all around me. That is most likely true for any big city; it certainly is for Los Angles, New York, Boston, Miami, Dallas, Detroit, Minneapolis, Denver, Saint Louis, and Columbus. If your city was left off my list, don’t worry the illegals will be heading your way soon if nothing changes on the border.

The important thing about The Minuteman Project is that it is average citizens stepping up to help defend this country and point out that our government is failing us in this regard. In some peoples minds the project has already been a success since the government is sending an additional 500 border patrol agents to Arizona. I disagreed completely, the original plan/budget called for an additional 2000 agents on the southern border from California to Texas. Not to mention that 350 of that 500 will not be in place until September 30th. We should not be happy with a few crumbs when we hunger for the entire slice of cake.

I believe that The Minuteman project will be an overwhelming success and hopefully spur the government to act. Any hope of reform and enforcement of the Mexican side of the border is ill placed, they simply do not care. Illegal immigration is a cash cow for the Mexican government and contributes 15 billion to the Mexican economy each year. This country is slowing being invaded by illegal immigration and it is undermining our national security. People often wonder why the empire of Rome failed; well history teaches us that the Roman Empire collapsed because they could not control their borders. It that the same fate that America faces? Not while I and other live, we will continue to educate people on the issue and demand action from our representatives to secure our borders and protect this nation. We can not count on economic reform in Mexico to help prevent people from seeking a better life.

I do not blame people for seeking a better life for themselves and their family, but we are a country of laws and there is a process for joining the American family. The Minuteman Project is only asking that we enforce our existing laws and secure our borders. There is nothing racist or wrong about that goal. The mere fact that the ACLU and other wacko groups is opposed to this goal should tell us that we are on the right path. One thing that does scare me is that the FBI is concerned enough to send observers to Arizona to keep tabs on the Minutemen, that sends a very wrong message to all and frankly makes us look beholden to concerns of the Mexican government. Folks this issue is only going to heat up and I encourage everyone to educate yourself on the issue and join us in holding our government accountable. Have a great weekend everyone.

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