Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Hillary And DeLay: Partners In Crime?

Here's another example of the liberal bias that the MSM suffers under while pretending to report the news. While even one is piling on the mess that is Tom DeLay the same exact problem confronts Hillary Clinton, in fact her issue appears to far more serious. Now for the record, I am not a huge fan of Tom DeLay's and if he is proven to have broken the law and used poor decision making in his dealings then he deserves to be thrown out of office and whatever penalties that he faces.

Clinton’s former finance chairman is has already been indicted and according to numerous sources including Peter Paul and Aaron Tonken the former first lady is going to be hard-pressed to claim that she had no knowledge of the illegal dealings of her employee. It certainly seems that 2008 nomination is not so sure a thing after all for Senator Clinton. It will be interesting to see if any in the MSM have the balls to pick up on this story and run with it or will they continue to report every little detail of the DeLay case.

Perhaps the Democrats in Congress should apply the same vigor to their own membership that they are displaying in their plan to remove Tom DeLay. As I said earlier, if DeLay is found guilty then he deserves everything he gets. Folks, it cuts both ways and the Democrats who cry about double-standards need to take a closer look at the star of their party.


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