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Blogburst: Death to the ACLU

Want You...To Join The Fight!
Many of you may not know that
this site is part of a larger effort to expose the ACLU and fight
their radical agenda. Our site is the official blog of Stop The ACLU.Org. This
organization is working hard to organize and mobilize citizens to
stand up and fight the ACLU. We are organizing rallies, protests,
petitions, and more. We are just getting started and need your help.
We have a newsletter, that you can recieve too if you want to be a
part of things. Our second newsletter just went out recently.
Following is that newsletter with the contact information for you if
you would like to recieve it.


Dear Friends & Supporters:

This letter is in follow up to our first newsletter on March 18th. For
those of you who are hearing from us for the very first time, we
welcome you aboard and thank you for your support of our efforts to
rid America of the ACLU.

As most of you know (unless you have already signed up), the Stop the
ACLU Coalition is holding a rally in Champaign, IL next Saturday,
April 9th to confront the ACLU at a conference they are having out
there. If you have agreed to come, please be at the Hawthorn Suites
Hotel by 8:30 AM. We will be carrying signs and a huge banner donated
by one of our supporters from Colorado who represents a ministry known
as "He Knows My Name" ( We will pass out flyers to
passersby as well.

Our numbers are quite small for the moment, though we have folks
coming from Minnesota, Missouri and Tennessee to be part of this
inaugural event. Since the meeting taking place will be concerning
ACLU issues in Illinois, we would like a large representation from the
Land of Lincoln. However, anyone is welcome to come and if you plan to
be there, please let me know as soon as possible, preferably by this
Thursday. We need to show the ACLU that there are multitudes of
Americans who oppose their God forsaken agenda on this land.

We have had some difficulty securing speakers, however, we do have an
RN from Missouri who will be sharing her expert testimony on abortion
and we are hoping to have Peter LaBarbera, president of the Illinois
Family Institute and formerly the director of the Culture & Family
Institute in Washington, D.C. Peter has given me a tentative
commitment to come. And we hope possibly to secure one or two more

If you have contacts of any kind in Illinois, please pass this
information along to them and encourage them to come to our event. If
any do come, please have them e-mail mw their names and where they are
coming from. Thank you.

According to the ACLU's
the conference will begin at 8:30 and be over at 2:15,
though there is a special overtime session that will continue til 3
PM. We are playing by ear as to how long we will be there. Weather
conditions and the turnout will determine how long we will stay. We
hope to get some press coverage as well. We will likely be outside
during the event as we have not been able to secure enough commitments
to have a meeting inside at a nearby hotel.

The location of the ACLU event is at the Hawthorn Suites and
Conference Center, 101 Trade Centre Dr. in Champaign. A map of the
location can be found on Mapquest at - this

Please be advised that we must stay on public property and to best
represent our cause, we must be peaceful at all times. We must expose
the ACLU agenda for what it is but in doing so, we want to be good
ambassadors of the Stop the ACLU Coalition.

So if at all possible, give your very best effort to come out to
support what we are doing. There is a nominal $5 per person (up to a
maximum of $25 per family with 12 & under coming for free)
voluntary donation at the site to help with the expenses of the Stop
the ACLU Coalition. While we believe this is minimal and should not
pose a hardship to anyone, if it does, we want you to come regardless.

Please be sure to check the home page of the web site each day as it
will be updated on Monday every day up thru Friday. Thank you.

I want to take just a couple moments to discuss the Terri Schiavo
tragedy. Many of you have expressed your outrage and hurt at the
events in Florida. Believe me, they hurt me tremendously as well. It
is frightening that we live in a country that can now perform
euthanasia on individuals deemed not worthy to live. This is the
hardest event I've ever had to endure and I believe I speak for most
of you as well.

And to no surprise, the ACLU of Florida supported the decision of
Michael Schiavo to starve his now deceased wife. The ACLU not only
supports abortion without restrictions but now backs euthanasia. So
now we have one more reason to fight the ACLU and a dangerous one at

There was one noteworthy comment pertaining to the ACLU on the Schiavo
protest from a woman named Eleanor Smith, a self-acknowledged agnostic
lesbian. She said "At this point I would rather have a right-wing
Christian decide my fate than an ACLU member" Source.
Apparently some on the left are seeing the ACLU along side the
euthanasia agenda and worried about it. This is good news for us and
hopefully bad news for the ACLU and their horrible agenda.

You can also read a piece I put together on Terri by going to the web
site and clicking COMMENTARY.

There is a link to a petition on the web site's home page to impeach
Judge George Greer who is largely responsible for Terri's starvation.
This was put together by our supporter, Craig McCarthy of Court Zero.
He has done a fabulous job in working to get lawmakers to stop public
funding of ACLU lawyers in courtroom cases involving items such as the
Boy Scouts and the 10 Commandments. You can go to my home page to do
so (located among the yellow text) or simply click here to go to his
web site. After you sign the petition, please be sure to pass this
along to your friends and family.

Lastly, there is a serious need for the U.S. Justice Dept. to launch a
criminal investigation into Judge Greer as well as Michael Schiavo and
his assisted suicide attorney, George Felos, regarding the starvation
death of Terri. If you feel the same way, drop a note to U.S. Attorney
General, Alberto Gonzalez, at and request that he and
the Justice Dept thoroughly investigate the Florida situation. It is
quite clear Florida's governor, law enforcement and perhaps even the
county coroner's office are compromised on this matter so this needs
to be addressed the U.S. Justice Department as Terri's civil rights
and much more were violated at this horrible tragedy. When law
enforcement is compromised in any form, it sets a terrible precedent
for America and this country's ability to enforce the laws on its
books. So please take action today and let the Justice Dept. know you
demand action in Florida.

Thank you very much for your support of our efforts. You are what
makes this site possible and you will be the ones helping bring the
ACLU to its knees.


Nedd Kareiva, Director

Stop the ACLU Coalition

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