Friday, April 15, 2005

WTF Friday Rant Volume 1 Issue 20

Happy Tax Day to everyone! Boy it feels great to work for over 4 months just to pay my tax bill, almost 6 months if you throw in state and local taxes. If you can and you want the tax code changed, head over to and see want you can do to help out. Enjoy the rest of the WTF Friday Rant and have a great weekend.

Tax Freedom day is April 17th this year, only two days later then last year. It's still too damn long to work to pay your tax bill.

Bill Clinton takes tolerance to a whole new level. Hurray for Bill!

ACLU handed win against WWI vets by another California activist judge

Circulation drops at newspapers, Duh! Who wants to pay for more lies from the MSM when they can get it for free online?

After a week's absentness this week's winner of the Pot calling the Kettle Black is the entire Democratic Party lead by Harry Reid. This is really is not news since the Dems live and die by their hypocrisy.

Attention to whoever is watching over Charlie Rangel this week, HE IS OFF HIS MEDS AGAIN!

Some Wackiness from North of the Border: US Government hiding Mad Cow Disease cases from public. I would like to dedicate this link to GMF, are you sure you don't want a Double/Double Animal Style from In and Out?

Finally the ACLU files a suit I can get behind; however I still hate them for their Anti-American behavior.

Light Bulbs to disappear within 15 years, wow that is kind of neat.

This week's entry in the Only in The People's Republic of San Francisco Category and all I can say is leave Victoria alone, her catalogs never hurt anyone.

Danish Queen says Tolerance of Muslims has its limits, Hell Yeah! I will not tolerant anyone, Muslim or not, setting of a car bomb in this country or blowing themselves up in a crowded mall.

ACLU aiding illegals crossing the border. Can you say WTF!!!!!!! Throw their commies asses in jail and let their comrades try to defend them, now that would be funny.

One last tax related bit of news. Congress passes permanent ban of "Death Tax", it's about damn time in my humble opinion.

Kofi blames everyone but himself for Oil-for-Food Scandal, must be reading the Bill Clinton Guide to not getting throw out of Office.

Iran running the Hezbollah UAV's from Lebanon, so Syria leaves and Iran moves in. Fantastic, look for Israel to make a move to defend their airspace.

And lastly Meat eaters strike a blow against PETA. Carnivores rejoice.

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