Tuesday, April 05, 2005

As If We Needed Another Reason To Dislike The French

The French left is much like the American left in many regards for example, they both hate everything about their respective countries, particularly religious expression or worship. France used to be such a Catholic nation that some called it the "daughter of the Church", but they then entered into a self-imposed strict separation of Church and State about a 100 years and now look what they have to show for it. A nation devoid of any moral compass that is willing to turn its back on all allies in the pursuit of a few francs earned off blood oil.

The French left has criticized the French President Jacques Chirac for ordering French flags at half-staff in honor of the passing of Pope John Paul II. OK, just for a second let’s remember that the Pope was a head of state and it is customary for friendly nation to show reverence for the passing of friendly heads of state. Frankly some of the quotes are so outrageous that it’s hard to believe a human being even uttered them, take a look below.

"Let the Christians pay tribute to the head of their church, it's a private matter," Contassot told France Inter radio. "Today, we have a government and a head of state who, clearly, for political reasons, are trying to take advantage of an issue that is a private matter," he said. Lowering of flags on all state buildings was "totally out of place and at the limit of legality."

These quotes come from Yves Contassot, a senior Green party member on the Paris City Council. See what a lack of nation morality results in? Is this where the ACLU and other Christian haters want the United States to be in the future? It certainly seems that way at times but I will say this; no one on the American left would have the balls to make that kind of statement no matter how much they might dislike us in American who choose to worship a God in whatever manner. Way to go lefties, gold star for keeping your mouth shut no matter how much you might agree with Yves Contassot. Sadly I find this following quote even more offensive, read on below.

Socialist leader Francois Hollande said the government's reaction to the Pope's death had been "a bit excessive", but said: "This is not the time to have this type of debate".

Melenchon told Europe 1 radio the state was duty bound to observe a strict neutrality and that the flag tribute was a "favour awarded to one particular religion."

It’s not surprising that the above quote comes from the leader of the French Socialist party. I would like to know when Herr Hollande thinks is the right time. You can bet that he did not get invited to the Pope’s funeral. Many millions in France are still very religious and the opinions of these few are just a window into the soul of France. As a Christian I first felt anger at these backhand insults hurled towards such a great man like John Paul II, but then I started to feel a sadness and pity for those in France who consider themselves Christian because they have no voice in their soulless government.

Have a great Tuesday everyone and regardless of your religious affiliation be thankful that you live in The United States of America.

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