Tuesday, April 19, 2005

France poised to say No to EU

It seems that some in France have awoken from their Socialist slumber and are now on the verge of showing some signs of nationalism. Perhaps this will spread to the rest of Europe and cause their EU masters to rethink plans to move the EU countries towards tighter integration. French President Jacques Chirac is so worried about the referendum vote that he recently took to the airwaves to try and rally support, by most reports he failed. If I was Jack I would be polishing my resume and planning my next job.

The outcome of the vote on ratifying the new version of the EU Constitution is in such a shaky state that some of France’s allies in the EU are starting to be concerned. The approval of the EU Constitution must be unanimous to actually take effect thus the reason for concern. The interesting part for me is that the French government has chosen a message of doom and gloom, publicly declaring that France will die a political death if passage fails, rather then actually explaining why the changes to the EU Constitution will benefit the French people. Wow, that sounds remarkably like the current message of the Democratic Party here in the United States.

The French has far greater threats facing their nation then the encroachment of the EU upon the socialist paradise that we are know France is. How about rising unemployment, currently at a hair north of 10%, stagnant economy, increasingly hostile immigrates from Eastern Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East not to mention a diminished role on the world stage. With a falling birth rate and increasing immigration of Muslims it is only a matter of time before France becomes the first European country to “convert” to Islam. I wonder how the anti-war protesters, the one’s that even oppose the fight against international terrorism, will feel once France becomes an upscale Syria or Iran.

As bad as the French have been as an “ally”, it does not bode well for Europe and the United States if the current trends continue and France does in fact become an Islamic state on the mainland of Europe. What a remarkable base of operation France would be for the Islamofascists of the world, perhaps OBL would be march down the Champs-Élysées in some sort of perverted victory parade. Not a sight I want to see. God help the French from themselves because they certainly don’t want our help. Have a great day everyone.

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