Friday, April 01, 2005

WTF Friday Rant Volume 1 Issue 18

Well, folks I have come to a fateful decision that I have to quit writing and spend more time working. Here's the proof. See, I have to leave this all behind. Do a search on yourself and see what comes up. BTW, I know its April fool’s so enjoy the nuttiness. I have included a few completely false items sprinkled in among the real news items, leave a comment with the news item number and I will tell you if your right. The WalkAmerica event for the March of Dimes is tomorrow morning and I just wanted to thank everyone who has donated to this worthy cause. If you have not and wish to, please click on the picture in the first post and give whatever you can. I believe the cutoff is midnight Arizona time. Have a great weekend everyone and I will post pictures on Monday.

1) China upset over Japanese textbook written by Japanese brewer.

2) Africa says yes to China's anti-secession law, frankly who cares what any African nation says?

3) People dying to get in to hospital ERs, I wish I had sometime witty to say about this but it's just too damn sad.

4) Mikey Moore adopts two kids, renames them Jim Beam and Jack Daniels

5) Bikinis for toddlers the latest rage in Sweden, WTF indeed!!!

6) Models paid to portray wife-beaters sue advertising company, worried that people will really think they are wife-beaters. Well no one ever said that models were that smart, especially male models.

7) Al Franken arrested for trespassing. Gotta love karma, have fun Al.

8) I got a chuckle out of this but I guess the guy is dead serious. Too bad for him the 300 million people in the United States will have a say about this.

9) American Idol is so open and progressive that they now accept child beaters into their silly little contest, well golly that is something to be proud of.

10) ACLU wants American youth to do as they do not as they say. Perhaps the lawyers over there just need to.... you know what I mean.

11) Soviets really did want to off the Pope. Yes Virginia, there really was an Evil Empire.

12) Mexicans make a move to invade the United States officially after years of a subtle invasion via illegal immigration. Boy I am glad I just bought some more ammo. Look for a post later today on The Minuteman Project and why it must succeed.

13) Hey guys here are your choices: the little blue pill for that solid performance or loss of eyesight for the rest of your life?

14) Michael Schiavo continues to prove what a scumbag he is. What kind of man denies his wife's parents a place at her burial? An evil soulless shell of a human being in my humble opinion. Where are his defenders now?

15) Berger pleads guilty to a freaking misdemeanor! Does anyone in the Justice Department have a pair of balls?

16) John Kerry still labeled a non-celeb, but is credited for trying really, really hard.

And lastly, two very scary prospects for the world in the fight against terrorism.

17) Americans expect a nuclear attack by 2010. The two scariest things about this poll, 66% think no one should have nukes including the United States and that 55% of Americans rarely or never worry about a terrorist attack using a nuclear weapon. People we have a long way to go in educating our fellow citizens about the threats that this country faces.

18) Europe faces a chemical weapon attack from Zarqawi, hope the Europeans get the memo on this.

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