Monday, April 18, 2005

Proof That The ACLU Hates The American Military

Once again the ACLU has proved by its actions that it is firmly an Anti-American organization that seems to be dedicated to the destruction of the morals and values that our great country was founded on. The ACLU has taken the case of a man who is offended that on his trips to California that he has to pass solitary Roman cross at the Mojave Desert World War I Veterans Memorial. The ACLU took the case to court and received a destruction order for the cross because a judge turned down a land swap that would have changed the land that the cross sits on from public to private land.

Here is a snippet from the article on this travesty.

The cross, two pipes strapped together and mounted on a rock outcrop in the remote Mojave Desert, was erected by private citizens on what was then private land in order to honor the service of World War I veterans. Bill Clinton incorporated the site in the Forest Service as one of his last acts as president.

Although there had never been a complaint about the veterans memorial cross in more than 70 years, the ACLU seized the opportunity to file a federal suit to destroy it as a violation of the Establishment Clause – and to seek attorney fees under the Civil Rights Act.

It has collected $63,000 in attorney fees so far, although neither it nor the plaintiff, Frank Buono, has any actual attorney fees. Buono is a retired Forest Service employee who moved to Oregon then asked to sue to destroy the cross. He claimed his Civil Rights are violated because he has to see the cross when he drives to California to visit.

The federal court in Riverside is the first in history in which a private citizen has been allowed to sue a veteran’s memorial to remove a religious symbol. Now, the same court has nullified an act of Congress by judicial fiat, and ordered the executive branch to destroy the cross. The two other branches apparently believe themselves impotent when faced with an order by an unelected judge-for-life, answerable to no one.

The fact that the ACLU found a judge to go along with this latest attack on the Christian foundation of this country should surprise no one since this story takes place in the People’s Socialist Nation of California. For 70 years there were no complaints about the cross and would have been that way for another 70 years if not for some wacko getting the feeling that he could sue and win because the ACLU has given “hope” to the horribly oppressed in America. Every time the ACLU sues and an activist judge hands them a victory, it diminishes the moral accomplishment that our Founding Fathers achieved.

The ACLU has seen fit to raise the ante in their mission against America by seeking to include veterans in their fight against Christians. In another report on the ACLU, we find that they are actively working against the national security of this nation be interfering with the military’s ability to recruit new members. Apparently the ACLU thinks that recruiter’s access to high school students should be limited since the recruiters don’t tell the students the full story about military life. Well as someone who has gone through the recruitment process I can tell you that the recruiter does give you more then enough information to make a decision. The gentleman at the heart of the ACLU latest attempt to weaken our country is Orlando Terrazas whose son shocked him by considering a career in the military. His point of view is summed up as follows: deciding to join the military is as important as choosing which college to attend.”

I take some offense to Mr. Terrazas comment. First of all, joining the military is a much greater decision the picking a college. Choosing a college is not a life or death decision and the attempt to equate it to choosing where you going to be drunk for 4 or more years does a great disservice to all who proudly serve. The recruiter’s job is to get people to sign up for the military and as with many things it is a sales job. The explanation of the ramifications is the responsibility of parents and the suggestion by Mr. Terrazas that the recruiter should do that is an example of how parents pass the buck when it comes to dealing with their children. The move to restrict access to both college and high school students from military recruiters has been an on going battle for the last few years. This action by the ACLU only serves to weaken our military and as a direct result, our national security.

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