Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Kerry Blows Again

The junior Senator from Massachusetts has once again stuck his foot in his mouth and confused his facts. It seems that in his blind "rage" against the President's nominee for the United Nations, John Bolton, that the Senator forgot to use the cover name for a CIA operative and instead used his real name thus outing him to the world. I know that Kerry's home state is all about the “gay wedding” but this kind of outing is simply inexcusable and Kerry needs to be held accountable.

Just the fact that this story was only reported overseas and in the BlogSphere leads me to believe the public relations arm of the Democratic Party, namely the MSM, is alive and well despite the fact that most people agree the news is incredibly biased. It seems that Kerry and his Krew can do no wrong lately. Well in my humble opinion, now only was John Kerry not worthy of the Presidency but he is not even worthy of even serving as a Senator. It seems that he is less concerned with keeping national security secrets then venting his liberal anger at a man that will finally try to hold the UN accountable for its lack of action or its corrupt actions. Well I am glad I don’t have to count on Kerry and The Alcoholic to represent me. Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone.

Hat tip to Pardon My English for the original news link

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