Friday, December 03, 2004

1st Annual WTF Friday Rant

I have decided that on Friday's I will post a collection of eye-popping, WTF generating links that I have stumbled across during the pervious week. Or in this case, today, since I just thought of this idea like five minutes ago. So to kick off the inaugural WTF Friday rant, I present the following stories for your review, with a side order of smart-ass comments from me.

I used to like Tommy Thompson, but why give terrorist's any ideas? Especially if they are too dumb to think of targets on their own.
Tommy Thompson said what?
Tommy Thompson Part II

I am hard pressed to comment on this story, mainly because I can't understand why any sane human being could defend the reign of Kofi
American group slams US Diplomat for Annan Support
Annan's world is falling

I am glad to see that we are trusting our mall security to such a group of professionals, snooch to the booch.
Rent-a-cops look for suicide bombers

Good; now we don't have to worry about bring Anti-Trust charges against the Al Qaeda for their terrorist monopoly.
Terrors groups join the WMD bandwagon

Ok, so Russia is/isn't our friend and their leader is/isn't crazy. Now I understand.
Putin shows his bi-polar side

Kinda puts a crimp on all you South Beach M'Fer's, Daddy needs a fix of Splenda
Fake Sugar hits 50 bucks a Kilo?

Was your city naughty or nice this year?
Homeland Security plays Santa Claus

Ok, who checked his resume? You’re fired!
Does NBC really know who Brian Williams is?


Skizz said...

I know. More than anything though, it's the media that gives the terrorists ideas. Like if you watch a news show, and they'll have some Monday Morning General on there saying "Well, our troops should do this, so that the terrorists can't do this, but we shouldn't do this.. etc." They watch the same damn news we do. Just make the news as it used to be: covering stuff that already HAPPENED!

Nathan Frampton said...

I agree, why did Mr. Thompson feel the need to broadcast (almost promoting) a terrorist act?

MaxedOutMama said...

Thompson's comments made me twitch too. Jeeze, why not just publish a list our weak spots?