Sunday, December 05, 2004

Call Me Mr. Mom

My wife has once again joined the ranks of the employed after spending the last 3 1/2 years raising my son and having my daughter. In response to this turn of events, I have unleashed my Mr. Mom side. No more free weekends for me, alas my weekends of debauchery are now ended.

I had a plan. I swear I did; only my children conspired against me and set me on the plan for failure. Saturday was to be a day that I would tidy around the house as well as watch the kids. That went right out the window. My son who is in the final stages of potty training decided that he would not wear underwear today. I try to be understanding to his needs (my lib side was showing) but could not really debate him on it. See, his sister had other plans.

My daughter was a preemie and came 2 months early, but thanks to God and the stubbornness that she got from me, she is doing great and has no ill effects from coming at 31 weeks. She was slow to start with nursing and has mostly fed from a bottle for the last 3 months. Lately she had taken to nursing with a fierceness that makes her old man proud.

She has even at times refused the bottle in order to nurse. Can you see where this could be a problem for someone like myself who lacks the ability to generate breast milk? That was the case on Saturday afternoon. After explaining my lack of breast milk to my daughter, she finally saw the logic of my argument and took the bottle.

In all we survived Saturday and looked forward to football Sunday. See, I have watched the kids before on Sunday while Mrs. Mad Tech ran errands or just got out of the house for a few hours. Notice the time frame, a few hours. I was now tasked with caring for the kids for about 9 hours. Due to the wife's schedule, that including 2 meals plus snacks and a nap. Once again I had a plan.

I made breakfast for the son and I and settled in for a morning of football (yes morning, I am in freaking Arizona.). My wife had fed the girl before she left so I was good for a couple of hours, especially since she went back to sleep. I got the boy to wear his underwear with the promise of a bike ride to the park. That idea went to shit as soon as I realized it was raining. Yes it does rain in Arizona every once and awhile.

Then all hell broke loose, the girl wanted a bottle and the boy had to use the bathroom. Calgon take me away. I managed to get everyone squared away without too much trouble. The boy got his PB&J for lunch and the girl got her defrosted breast milk. I then decided since Philly was beating the crap out of Green Bay, sorry co-worker who will not be named you know who you are, we would take a nap. That thankfully went very well.

In summary, my wife does an incredible job raising my kids and has my undying gratitude and love. I have watched my son many times in the past and always thought it was no big deal. Man, throw a second kid in the mix with an age difference to boot, watch out. To the many SAHM's that pass through this blog, you’re awesome. To my wife I am sorry I have diminished your efforts in the past, never again I promise. As for the house, when I get a handle on the children, the household chores will be done. I am going to bed early, later...........


Carson said...

Thanks. I think support people are the salt of the earth. Of course, I was one, so I'm biased too.

The Mad Tech said...

Thanks for your comment Carson. I like to think Tech Support people are pretty good too, but of course I am biased.

The Man Tech